Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Strawberry Fields Fauxnadacure- click for big pics

Good afternoon everyone! I'm happy today!... We finally have sunshine after days and days of dreariness and rain. It's supposed to reach the upper 60s by late afternoon. China Glaze Strawberry Fields is a perfectly fitting color for a glorious day like today.

Basecoat- China Glaze Strawberry Fields
Fauxnad plate H20- Stamped portions of this full image
Stamped with China Glaze Twenty-Four K
I used a dotting too to randomly place dots of Orly Shining Star on image
1 coat Seche
Pinky and middle fingers sport a coat of Essie MAY

I absolutely *love* Strawberry Fields! I was at a loss as to what color I should use to stamp the Fauxnad to compliment this color. As you can see, Twenty-Four K was probably not the best choice. It blends in with the gold glass flecks of SF a bit too much.
It's still pretty, though. Applying Essie MAY to a couple of nails brings out the image but ruins the juicy-ness of Strawberry Fields.
Any suggestions for a better stamping color?


Mighty Lambchop said...

I can see how you would want a really vibrant image transfer but I think this turned out beautifully!
It's so elegant!

gildedangel said...

I think this is so pretty! I agree with Lambchop, it is very elegant!

Jodes said...

Wow that is so amazing. I think that look is really subtle. Very, very pretty.


ainos2 said...

Thank you Girls!

thriszha said...

this is so stunning... h20 is on my list to that i would like to buy to delaney...this really helped me to decide that i should buy this plate.. thanks Lisa..have a great day!! xoxo!! happy polishing!!

Lucy said...

Beautiful shade and design. I love this!