Tuesday, April 19, 2011

more project updates- almost done!

Hi Kids!
I was able to accomplish a lot since my last post! With the exception of a board to cap off the right side of my polish shelves, they are, for all intents and purposes,- finished! I have to say that trimming them out became a project of epic proportions. In lieu of purchasing trim, I decided to make my own from a roll-up bamboo shade I got from the clearance cart at Lowe's for $5. Being a bleached Birch, the slats were all wrong for my studio colors, so I stained and sealed them a rich, warm Mahogany. When dry, I cut, glued and nailed pieces to my polish shelves. At each shelf intersection, 18 total, I added  bronze medallions that I hand embellished with glitter and gold holo sequins. These medallions were part of a belt in their previous life.

Ignore the flying outlet strip- I just finished painting the table black and had to temporarily secure it up and away. When the weather is warm enough to leave a window open overnight, my table will have 2 silk paintings from India, sequins and glitter embedded under a 2 part resin finish. Until then, I'll be making due with a couple of coats of latex gloss.

I haven't decided on "pulls" for my plate drawers yet, so I'll be living without them for a while until I can think of something.

With a couple of more things to secure and some paint, the project will be finished. Let's hope I don't come up with any more projects...my hands and nails haven't looked this bad in 15 years!