Friday, March 31, 2017

Etude House BL009

One of my favorites...unsure if this is still available. Three days wear here. 2 coats, 1 coat of Seche Vite. I think my notepad takes better pictures than my camera.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Props- customer service from Moon Nails Supply

In the past, (with the exception of 6 Konad stamping polishes that I inherited from my daughter), I've always frankened my own or used polishes that stamped well. After researching the current stamping landscape, I decided it was time to order some stamping polishes. I almost ordered from Mundo de Unas when I ran across a review of Handy polishes from Moon Nails Supply by  PhD nails 
My buying preferences are, in order; value, quality, speed of delivery and customer service.
Being 2 more ml per bottle than MdU, Handy won as my first order.

There is no actual website for Moon Nails Supply (based in Mexico)...just a Facebook page and ordering is done through pm. I found the page to be disorganized, and sent a pm with questions. I was really surprised when a response came within hours with a pricing guide. A couple of days later, I placed my order for a few plates, 22 (16ml) bottles from their Facebook cover page page and the (16ml) Sexy Metals Collection
Shortly after, I received a pm with a Paypal total (with and without the 6% goods and service fee). When payment was made, I received another pm stating that my order was being put together (Tuesday), and another another pm stating my order was going out today (Thursday).
Really customer service!
I'll update on shipping time.

Natural nails with acry gel enhancement

My natural nail-beds are wide and flat with growth flaring out. They are also paper thin...and sharp. In the past, I've worn acrylics to get the nails thick enough for strength and to prevent the damage I do from *picking at the skin around my sidewalls. Here I have mostly 2 coats of acry gel...some areas I built up a bit.

 I learned how to do this and what products to use by watching 10perfectnails on youtube. I found that dipping my gel coated nail in acrylic powder enhanced the flatness of my nail bed, so I use the scoop end of a cuticle pusher to pour powder over the nail.

*(I never looked any further than labeling this picking activity under "generalized anxiety".  These days, I have an awareness of my triggers. They are related to being with any other person than myself...natural disposition is to be a distancer.)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It's unfortunate that my nails came out so thick, because the holo is spectacular. I've been experimenting with acry gel enhancement over my real nails for strength.  In addition, I have 1 coat Sally Hansen Insta Dri Black to Black, 1 coat of Gel II Mirror Shine (no Cleanse) Top Coat, Coarse Holo Spectraflair Powder, another coat of Gel II. Due to an application error I had to repeat another layer of Gem II, Spectraflair, and a final coat of Gem II. That's 9 layers of something-or-another on my nails!