Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New nail station! click for bigger pics

My cable internet went down yesterday, so to make the best use of extra time I had, I built this polish rack. It's not quite finished...I need a wider piece of moulding for the bottom.
This sure beats those plastic polish racks that hold on 90 bottles! I also organized my Konad plates into plastic baseball card holders (seen hanging from pegboard), and my fauxnad plates in plastic 5x7 holders. I used my wood burning stylus to split the 5x7 pocket in half so 1 page holds 2 plates.

Starting my new mani after this post...#3 in my Hslloween mani series.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fauxnad- A bevy of bats, click to make bigger!

Essie- Where's the Soiree base
Overlay- China Glaze- Tempest
Full moon- OPI, The Ghostess With The Mostess
Haze around full moon and clouds- SpaRitual, She's a River
Fauxnad plates- H17 & H9
Essie- Where's the Soiree to stamp

Thumbs are already a couple of days old. Original fingernail art were silver stars that I wore for a day. I wasn't happy with them at all, but time wasn't with me that day, but I *had* to put something on my fingernails quickly.
Anyway, today, I re-did the 10 nails with my initial idea of bats across clouds. I think it turned out pretty good.

I could not, for the life of me, get a good photo of the full moons glowing in the dark.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My fauxnad plates arrived today!

All 30 of them! Well, actually 31 plates. #H23 was duped due to a misalignment on the plate itself, so they included it along with a good H23. I'm going to add that mis-stamped plate to the giveaway I am getting together along with the fauxnad scraper and stamper. All the images are good, although 3 are cut a tad short.

I also went back To Sally's before work to see if I could snag China Glaze Fortune Teller early.
And I did!

Anyway, my last mani is gone, and my nails wet with new polish. I have bats to stamp!
Hopefully, I'll have pictures in a few hours. I have 2 more 14 hour workdays coming up. 8am comes waaay too early when one is still up at 3am playing with nail polish.

Friday, September 25, 2009

mini haul click pic for holo glitter sparkle

Left to right;
Nina Ultra Pro- Purple-Xing, fine, small and medium holo glitter in a sheer purple base!
China Glaze- Tempest & Secret Peri-wink-le
Orly- Enchanted Forest & Happly Ever After

Tempest and Purple-Xing will be in a future Halloween mani for sure!

Nfu-oh, Sparitual, Claire's & Color Zone haul

Left to right; click pic to make big and clear!
Sparitual in Tall Glass of Water, Epiphany, She's a River & Go Lightly
Middle top- Color Zone (Blue Cross Beauty Prod) Never heard of this stuff.
Bottom middle- Nfu-Oh in 50, 64 & 49
Claire's in Briar Rose, Glitz and Glam, Goldmine & Jen Jen (my first time purchasing Claire's)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Konad Spiders!

Base-coat- Nicole, One Voice
Overlay- Sally Hansen- Fairy Tale Ivory
Since Konad doesn't have a spider web stamp (why is that?), I used a rub-on decal (not specifically for nails) that I found at Target.
Konad spider stamp from plate m28 with Essie- Where's the Soiree?.
2 coats of Seche Vite

Yellows usually look absolutely terrible on me. This one, from Nicole, looked pretty good by itself, however, I wanted it to be a bit softer and warmer...overlay to the rescue! I really love how this color turned almost butterscotch and very shimmery!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SinfulColors Konadicure

SC basecoat in Show me The Way
Konad plate M57
Stamped with Essie Where's the Soiree?

I've had several Konadicures since my last post, all not very blog-worthy. Although I didn't do anything "special" with this one, I think it's a still interesting enough to post. My first time wearing a green that was not neon.
This konadicure with the tiger(?) stamp almost looks reptilian to me. I couldn't wait for my husband to get done work to snap pictures with his camera, so I used my inferior, ancient Fuji. I'm about to go see my manicurist for a fill and to repair the last fill that has pulled away from my nailbed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My next haul...

I'm ordering these nail stamping plates tonight.
While I love my Konad, I think the images on these plates are more interesting. Because I have no discipline, I'm ordering the whole set of 30 large, with the exception of plate nails are too long. Substituting B77.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mani fail

There *is* such a thing as too much glitter.
SinfulColors Pearl Harbor(glitter) over CG, For Audrey and CC Ultra Violet.
Konad plates- M8, M26 & M20, stamped with Salley Hansen Insta-dry in Whirlwind White.

The SinfulColors glitter is just too chunky for the delicate Konad patterns I used..the better choice would have been Pure Ice in Oh Baby!
I also should have left "well enough alone" and not added the lime green accents to the flowers.

One doesn't have to look too close to see smudges around my cuticles. When I first finished my initial color block of For Audrey and Ultra Violet, I thought that my nails looked like half peacock eyes. I went ahead and started to freehand some semi circles and "eyes". I thought it looked really great until I looked at my other hand...I am not ambidextrous.
Thankfully, I had 2 coats of Seche over the color block and was able to remove the extra colors without ruining my base coat. It did, however, stain my cuticles something awful.

I think a Peacock Eye mani would be super original & look really cool. I just have to spend some time thinking things through with how to mask off.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OPI, Essie, Color Club, China Glaze haul

So, I went out iso some Halloween collections, 'cause I'm all about Halloween you
I didn't spot a single one, but walked away happy with all this;
From top left- CG Beauty and the Beach & Tantalize Me. OPI INK, Significant Other Color, & Shootout at the OK Coral.
From bottom left- CC Where's the Soirre?, Ultra Violet, Volt of Light, Explosive, (mini)Fantasy. Essie Aruba Blue & Silver Bullions.

My favorite of this bunch has to be Volt of Light. I have an outfit that I designed and sewed that this would look fantastic with!
Here are the pants;

10 random things about me

I was tagged by Nihrida a few days ago. Although thrilled, this tag sent me into a panic. I have no idea how to work the features in this blog! Moreover, time is not my friend- I work 6 days a week, 3- 10 hour days and 3- 14 hour days, as the GM of a very busy Restaurant.
Anyway! Here are 10 *very* random things about me;

1) I wear acrylic nails out of necessity. I have a terrible habit of picking and ripping off the skin at the sides of my nails to the point of mutilation. This habit has sent me to my Dr's office for treatment of more Staf Infections than all other illnesses of my lifetime combined. My nail tech knows to make my tips a bit more on the thick side- not very attractive, I know- but the thickness prevents me from having sharp nails to do damage with.

2) I can read Slavonic, a basically "dead" Eastern Orthodox Church language.

3) I make enough money to shop for clothes practically anywhere I want, yet 98% of my clothes comes from The Salvation Army and Goodwill.

4) I am physically handicapped, but I have adapted so well people don't see it. In 1981, a mold machine crushed my right hand in half and sent a steel pipe through it.

5) I am a "night crawler" by nature...up all night, sleep all morning.

6) I am a Loner.

7) I've been married 3 times. #2 was 2 years older than my father. #3 was a woman. I am now reunited with #1, the father of 2 of my 3 children.

8) I haven't owned a pair if sneakers since high school- 29 years ago!

9) I smoke 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day.

10) I had to look up how to link to a friend's blog on Blog Doctor...let's see if I did it right.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Konad, click pictures for lg view

Base= Franken(OPI Fuji Weejee Fawn & Maybelline Salon Expert in #720 Cozy Cocoa)
Overcoat in Sally Hansen Brilliant Blush
Konad plates S6 & M66, Black Special Polish, Wine Red
Aromaleigh Rocks! Glam Glitter in Shakeitup applied w/toothpick
Topcoat= Seche Vite

A little too neutral for my taste, this is going bye-bye in a few minutes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Posting pictures...

I'm really new to Blogger (I've been a LJ blogger for almost 9 years!). I am having a terrible with posting pictures...sizing and such.
Where do I find the rules and regulations for this stuff?


I usually don't wear light colored nails. My hands are pale and ruddy, so "light" never looks nice. I did all my Konad stamping in Black (Special Polish).

Base- N.Y.C 134A French White Tip

ISO a good white creme...N.Y.C. = terrible formula, awful brush, but, as I don't ever use white, it's all I had.

Over the white, I applied Pure Ice Mint Dream that I Frankened with a sheer lavender-aqua flash, Franken I made ages ago.

Konad plates- 2 images from M20, and 3 from M8.

Used a toothpick to apply Nfu-Oh #38 to the wings of the butterflies, and also added NYX glitter #03 in Crystal at random throughout the flower chain.

Two coats of Seche Vite.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.