Friday, September 25, 2009

Nfu-oh, Sparitual, Claire's & Color Zone haul

Left to right; click pic to make big and clear!
Sparitual in Tall Glass of Water, Epiphany, She's a River & Go Lightly
Middle top- Color Zone (Blue Cross Beauty Prod) Never heard of this stuff.
Bottom middle- Nfu-Oh in 50, 64 & 49
Claire's in Briar Rose, Glitz and Glam, Goldmine & Jen Jen (my first time purchasing Claire's)


kelliegonzo said...

woohoo what a haul! i love goldmine and briar rose :D, haven't tried sparituals or color zone yet. excited to hear what you think of them :)

AllYouDesire said...

Can´t wait to see Nfu 50, I love that one :)

gildedangel said...

Nice haul! I can't wait to see what you do with all of this stuff!

ainos2 said...

After posting last night, I just had to swatch the Color Zone, middle bottle (all in one, marbling tri-color) on a slip of Post-it. The brush ended up mixing the blue and fuschia into a dark purple, however the pink did stay seperate.
Whether or not the colors in this polish stay seperate through a 10 nail mani remains to be seen. My guess is not, at least in my world.

On average, my brush gets dipped at least 12 times per hand; 1 for the pinkie, 2 dips for the ring finger and 3 for each the middle, index and thumb.
Wide and long nails- good for nail art- bad for finicky polish.

The Sparituals ($3.99 ea) and Color Zone polishes ($6.99 set)were purchased at Marshalls. With the exception of Epiphany, I believe that all the SRs are part of the permanent collection. I passed-up Last Call and Goldigger- but may go back and use them in a "giveaway".

The surprise likes from this haul are;
Jen Jen- a sheer mint with a lavender flash and holo glitter!
Sparitual- She's a River- hard to describe greyed beige sheer that flashes a very vivid periwinkle- especially over a darker base.

I'm itching to play with all of these, however, I've already planned a series of Halloween manis.

Lucy said...

Can't wait for the Halloween manicures. Some more nice polish. I've never used Spa Ritual. Is it a decent polish. Never heard of the other brand.