Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Orly Royal Navy

Hi Kids!
It's been a week since my last post, and all I have to show you is the base for my next 'nadicure. Yesterday was my day off, and I needlessly spent 5 hours in court for a minor traffic violation. The issuing officer wrongly checked the "court appearance" box on the ticket, and I sat there and sat there, and sat there, until I was the very last soul in the room. The judge and clerk felt so sorry that they dropped my traffic fine. Ironically all I had to pay was court costs. Considering that I have but one day off, it was little in compensation for the 5 hours I wasted there. I would have gladly paid my fine and court costs- twice over- just to be out of there in a timely manner.

Anyway, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to do my fill and apply my base color- which was a toss-up between Maybelline Vanishing Venus and Orly Royal Navy. I don't usually wear a stainable color on newly applied acrylic until it cures for at least 24 hours. I was so taken with the fake nail swatch of Royal Navy, I decided to go for it anyway. I don't wear a basecoat, but in this case, I applied an OPI that Amber uses as a precaution against the possibility of staining. Wow! It's been so long, I forgot how much smoother color applies over a basecoat! I just may add using a basecoat to my routine.

Finally!- Orly Royal Navy... a seriously gorgeous, jacked-up, bright blue with a conservative amount of turquoise sparkle. This was 2 coats- no top coat. It was a bit runny  first touch on the nail, but thickened quickly after a couple of strokes. It dried to a satin finish and to the touch fairly quickly.
Royal Navy reminds me of concentrated printer ink- so awesome! After work tonight, I will be adding another coat and some 'nading.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can SH DVD get blingier?

Why, yes!
Hey Kids!
For someone heavily into bling and Glam, I sure don't have much of a selection of stuffs to put on my nails. The bulk of my arty stash is stickers. I have some glitter (recently purchased from Ebay) and very little in stones.
The bling available at my Sally's is overpriced and boring, nail doo-dads from Dollar Mart- everyone  has, and I'm always leery in regards to stuff on Ebay coming from Hong Kong...you just never know.

I was really excited when Sasha of Nihrida's Blog tipped me off on Viva la Nails. I received my sample package of goodies yesterday, and could not wait to play with my new stuff! Out if everything I got, my favorite is the Amber colored Super Glitter. It's holographic and reminds me of hot lava (pic at end of post).

So ya, *that* was definately going on my nails...along with the turquoise stars, 'cause I wanted to use my favorite image from BM 21. Blue, purple and orange is one of my favorite color combinations...so yummy!
Here's what I have...definately blingier in real life. Click to make bigger.

*Base is Sally Hansen HD DVD- a bazillion lumpy, bumpy coats
*BM21- stars
*Stamped with Dada nail lacquer Devilish Diva. Super pigmented jelly made by Orly ~~Edit* forgot- and Sally Hansen Chrome, Burmese Ruby
*Viva la Nails turquoise stars...these have a pretty iridescent purple flash- LOVE that the puch-outs are included with these Dazzlings!
*Viva la Nails Super Glitter pictured above

I'm more than pleased with the items Viva la Nails sent me for review- NOT because they were free- but because of their awesome selection and pricing! I'm definitely going to get some square glitter, Super Flitter (look at those colors!), some metallic stones, lots of stickers and some Nail magazines! Hurry up payday!
**Check out their nail art tutorials!

Sally Hansen DVD

Hi Kids!
When I saw the first swatches of Sally Hansen DVD, I knew I had to have it. I took to stalking the dozen or so drug stores in my area, and it paid off. Normally, I wait until the fervor of a new polish to die down before wearing it...but I've been dying to have this on my nails, and with the arrival of my Viva la Nails Blogger package shortly after my last post, I *knew* I'd be changing my mani to something blue. So...here I am- breaking my rule with Sally Hansen DVD.

I knew beforehand I would be extremely disappointed with how sheer this polish is. What I wasn't prepared for was lumpy-bumpy streaks and overall un-eveness. The next time I wear this, I will have to forgo true bottle color and layer it over blue or black.
This makes me wonder, though...what are the people behind formulation at Sally Hansen thinking? Most people are not polish savvy and would not think to layer this.
Someone needs to go back to the drawing board, 'cause DVD isn't close to being High Definition in my book.

Issues aside, I still love this color. After I post this, I'm hitting my mani desk for some stamping and some Viva la Nails stars!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Orly, First Kiss- Found- Hercules Beetle!

Hi Kids!
For Readers who are just getting to know me...Up until a year and a few months ago, the only colors I'd wear on my nails were; blacks, charcoal, deep russets, and deep purples. I have my Peers in the Blogsphere to thank for my foray into the world of color- not only where nails are concerned, but in my closet as well!
Black is no longer the *only* color I feel comfortable wearing.

Case in point was my mani over the weekend- Orly First Kiss. Who would have thought I'd ever wear a color like this- and love it? Much like OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy, to which Orly First Kiss is an almost dead on dupe for, this type of color is the perfect foil to all the make-up and Glam I wear. Since understated/safe are not part of my repertoire, I'm going to call this type of color a "neutralizer"...because that's what it does for me- mood included.

If I had to make a choice between the two, I'd pick Orly First Kiss. It went on a bit less streaky, and being sheerer than the OPI, it has an ethereal quality that I'm totally drawn to. I adore this color on me- especially with my all time favorite iridescent, ultra fine, glitter overlay, Love My Nails Dazzling. The glitter particles in this polish are really different from anything in my stash. They stay sparkley and dimensional at all angles...and it was only $.93 at my Walmart. Gotta love that!

Anyway, I *really* don't want to remove this mani. I'm torn between stamping skulls, roses and barbed wire on this or removing.

Something very cool...
A couple of days ago, Amber found a Hercules Beetle at work. Knowing that I would absolutely love it- she brought home...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The many faces of Man Of La Mancha, OPI

Hi Kids!
I apologize for the lack of nail art posts. My last 2 manis were not up to my standards. I'm blaming it on work stress...I'm thisclose to quitting.
OK...SO, I'm hoping I can make pretty with OPI Man of La Mancha later this evening. And wow-this is one heck of a color!...duochrome, shimmer, sparkle, rose-red, green-gold, orange and a hint of purple in one polish. Although most apply Man Of La Mancha over black or red, I like it better without a layering base. It did take 4 coats to reach opaque- but I love it anyway!
pre-clean-up..beware very dry skin
As always, click to make em big...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ISO- Rachel Moore

Rachel- your giveaway package was returned to me just minutes ago. How can I get this to you?
Please contact me!!!!!
glammed_upblog@yahoo dot com

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ahhh, so this is Nubar

Hi Kids!
Drive-by post here. I have an emergency....I *need* to get to the bank, deposit my paycheck so I can haul some Nubar Polish- Quick!!!
Heavens to Murgatroyd, I never understood the phrase "it practically applied itself" until now. If the rest of Nubar's creme polishes are as good as Costa Rica Coral- I absolutely need. them. all!
Looking like nothing special, the brush on this is amazing, and the formula...it flowed smoothly on the nail exactly where I wanted it.
I. am. in. Love!!!
Costa Rica Coral came to me in a swap from Thriszha of FAB UR NAILS- Thank you sweetie- I Love it!!!
It is from Nubar 2009 Coral Collection

Love this next color combo- coral and orange

What in the world is eating my Datura flowers?

I'm leeeeaving now...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

review OPI Absolute Acrylic System

Hi Kids!
It's no secret that taking care of and attending to natural nails has reached epidemic proportions. Blame it on bad nail salons with shady practices and product, blame it on the economy. Those of us who wear, or are thinking of getting acrylic nails are in the minority these days.
It's sad that because of the attitudes and actions of some people (try asking a question about acrylics on the Makeupalley Nail Board and you will be met with total silence or bashed), that I feel the need to start a review of a great product this way- Defending the use of acrylics.

Last night, a woman with 3 young children and a baby came into the restaurant. When she came to the desk to pay for their dinner, she commented on my nail art, and asked if my nails were "real". When I said "no", she made a face and said, "ugh, fake nails". I don't begrudge anyone their opinion. I certainly had my own about her when she requested boiled water for fake breast milk her baby's formula. Unlike her, I kept my opinion to myself.

I am in total agreement with natural nails being best. But you know what? There are people who, due to genetics or lifestyle, cannot maintain natural nails. For me, genetics, lifestyle and a crush injury to my right hand are why I wear them. No one should be ostracized, made to feel uncomfortable or bashed for wearing acrylics- even if their mani  looks like crap.

Although I am not a licensed nail technician, there are things I have learned in the 30 years I've been wearing acrylics- the bulk of it, most recently. I do my own acrylics now. I am going to work 2 tip pages for those looking for constructive information on what to look for in a nail salon and how to do your own.

*Anyway*- Right off the bat, I want to say that OPI Absolute Acrylic System is fabulous! I've been going to nail salons for 30 years, and never had an acrylic system as good as this one on my nails. The formula is  smooth and dries very hard. OPI Absolute produces cured nails with little- if any- porosity.  With every other system, I could not wear sheers, jellies or light polishes after wearing a dark one because of staining and dis-colorization.  Now, every time I remove a color, notorious for staining blues and greens included, I am totally surprised at how clean my nails are. They look as good as the day I put them on!

OPI L2000 was used at the last salon I went to. It was brittle and stained something fierce...even the undersides of my nails. Because of that, I almost didn't get OPI Absolute. To tell you the truth, the deciding factor to purchase was the OPI crackdown. Trans Design wasn't going to be re-ordering OPI products, and because I don't have a license, it would be more difficult for me to purchase in the future.

I am so happy with OPI Absolute, and the results I am getting, I have no desire to try anything else. With this weeks paycheck, I'll be stocking up!

My Sweet Peas!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BB Couture Stick Shift, Rub-On sticker art

Hi Kids!
Today, I'm bringing you something different...but first, I have a few questions.
Does anyone have any information on how nail stamping plates are made?
And- What type of outfit makes them? Machinist...something else?
Whose professional  brain could I pick in regards to designing and the manufacturing of nail stamping plates?

Both my father and brother are Machinists. My father is Old School- does his drafting, measuring etc by his own 2 hands. His shop is filled with big clunky machinery that leaves Carbon, metal shavings, dirt and grime everywhere. And my brother- Modern Machinist- he plots everything into a computer. His shop (now closed) was cleaner than a hospital...everything was produced internally by very modern machines- from start to finish. He never had to "handle" an item.
Sadly, although talking to my brother would be the way to go, it is my last resort. We don't like each-other much and have a difficult time getting along.

While I have a decent collection of nail stamping plates, I am frustrated...I want more options. Larger, longer,  bolder free-form images, stylized lines, shapes, curlicues...non-descriptive images that I can piece together.
*sigh*...not sure if I'm bringing it out right/making sense... here are some examples...
I'd like more hollow  images that I can "color in", flowers with hollow centers, rings of dots in various sizes, rings of circles in various sizes, curving leaf branches, straight lines, zig-zags, curlicues/freeform in large, long size that's NOT part of a french tip. That's just for starters!
Asking for help here is a long-shot...looks like I'll have to psyche myself up to talk to my brother.

Soooo yah- here's what I have for you today...Rub-On stickers! I picked these up on clearance at Michaels. Although not specifically meant for nails, these crafting Rub-Ons are a creative alternative to *what is* available for nails. They're a bit tricky to use due to the fact that the images are meant to be applied to a flat surface, not to curved nails. I've used these crafting Rub-Ons several times and love them to pieces!

My daughter, Amber was all over this mani last night. I don't get to see her much these days, so I was a happy Mom when she asked for me to sit down with her so she could admire what she claims to be my best mani to date. Although I don't agree with her, I DO love it!
I finished this mani last night, and had to tweek the color in all the pictures. I waited until this morning to post so as to get some sun shots for color accuracy.
First 2 pictures taken in my light-box. Click to make 'em bigger!
I did not do a top-notch clean up, so please overlook.

Outside, shade and full sun...

BB Couture Stick Shift was a gift from Ange of Scandalously Polished. I went nutz over her swatch of it here. So awesome that she would remember that! Thank you Ange- I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!   :*
She's definately a better Wicked Vixen than me...I promised her BleachBlack Dickweed ages ago and have yet to send it. Which brings me to something I need to bring out...
Whether it be gift or swap- if I say I'm going to send - you will get it. It's not a matter of IF, it's WHEN. 
I do the work of 2 people at my job and have a household to run- busy beyond belief.
I am burned out. Broke down this morning and bawled my eyes out- exhausted, burned out, unhappy at my job. I'm at a point where I am wishing for sickness or getting hurt so I can get some time off.  Pathetic. And I just got a call from the owner to come in early.
Anyway- back to nails!!! 
2 coats BB Couture Stick Shift
fauxnad plate T33
stamped with Sally Hansen Gold Chrome
Craft Rub-On stickers from Michael's
2 coats Seche 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Konad Leopard on Pure Ice Busted, haul, big moth

Hi Kids
Last week was a long and grueling one, however, I did manage a bit of retail therapy on Tuesday. I purchased some gorgeous India inspired tunics, in addition to some random nail polishes, one of which, was the base for a Konadicure I sported for a couple of days. I really hated the way my nails looked with this one. I pretty much rushed through my fill this week, and left my nails on the thick side. I had planned on doing a straight-up glitter mani with Finger Paints, Wicked Glitter. Since I was extremely pressed for time, I figured that the glitter would camouflage my thick and unfinished nails for a couple of days, and I could do my "finishing" filing and shaping after grinding the glitter off.

It was against my better judgment to wear Pure Ice, Busted- however-  Jim requested it, and since he usually doesn't take much interest in mani business, I could not refuse. He was fascinated with the glass flecked, shimmery bottles of the new Sally Hansen HDs and Pure Ice Busted.
Unfortunately, I managed to magnify the thickness of my nails even more with the way I stamped the leopard, full nail, Konad image.
I had to stamp the image on the horizontal to span my nail width, but forgot to rotate the second stamp 360, leaving the finished image *very* contrived and too repetitive.

I wasn't going to post this Konadicure but I accidentally took a picture in my light-box that I think is pretty cool.
I could not decide which I like better, so you get both!
Click to make bigger!


3 coats Pure Ice Busted
Konad plate m57
stamping polish- an un-named PA polish

Recent Ebay purchase. Silicone molds to make acrylic nail doo-dads!

Something weird...I took this picture at work on Saturday night.
This giant, yellow moth was on the outside of a second story window.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bandanna fauxnad

Hi Kids!
I am so happy the holiday weekend is over...What I have to say about it is- People pretty much suck. I estimate that each day, approximately 100 miserable "non-customers" felt that because they were stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam, they were entitled to not only use our restrooms, but "trash" them as well, without so much as buying a coffee to go. It amazes me that it's women who cause all these issues- not men.
So, yea- it's over and I have my day off!

I bet some of you will be surprised to see that my mani for the weekend was my least liked nail color- red, and least liked formula- a creme. It's China Glaze Sacred Heart, and I *love* it to pieces! Not too blue, not too yellow, it's perfectly neutral and looks absolutely fabulous with my skin-tone.
Click photos for super size.

2 coats China Glaze Sacred Heart
fauxnad plate H29 (curlicues) stamped w/ Pure Ice Mint Dream
fauxnad plate #A04 (center image) stamped with Color Club, Where's The Soiree?
1 coat Seche