Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can SH DVD get blingier?

Why, yes!
Hey Kids!
For someone heavily into bling and Glam, I sure don't have much of a selection of stuffs to put on my nails. The bulk of my arty stash is stickers. I have some glitter (recently purchased from Ebay) and very little in stones.
The bling available at my Sally's is overpriced and boring, nail doo-dads from Dollar Mart- everyone  has, and I'm always leery in regards to stuff on Ebay coming from Hong Kong...you just never know.

I was really excited when Sasha of Nihrida's Blog tipped me off on Viva la Nails. I received my sample package of goodies yesterday, and could not wait to play with my new stuff! Out if everything I got, my favorite is the Amber colored Super Glitter. It's holographic and reminds me of hot lava (pic at end of post).

So ya, *that* was definately going on my nails...along with the turquoise stars, 'cause I wanted to use my favorite image from BM 21. Blue, purple and orange is one of my favorite color combinations...so yummy!
Here's what I have...definately blingier in real life. Click to make bigger.

*Base is Sally Hansen HD DVD- a bazillion lumpy, bumpy coats
*BM21- stars
*Stamped with Dada nail lacquer Devilish Diva. Super pigmented jelly made by Orly ~~Edit* forgot- and Sally Hansen Chrome, Burmese Ruby
*Viva la Nails turquoise stars...these have a pretty iridescent purple flash- LOVE that the puch-outs are included with these Dazzlings!
*Viva la Nails Super Glitter pictured above

I'm more than pleased with the items Viva la Nails sent me for review- NOT because they were free- but because of their awesome selection and pricing! I'm definitely going to get some square glitter, Super Flitter (look at those colors!), some metallic stones, lots of stickers and some Nail magazines! Hurry up payday!
**Check out their nail art tutorials!


ange-marie said...

omg i love that design!

Polish & Konad said...

Love it! I received my goodies from VivaLaNails yesterday, I can't wait to play around with all of it!  :)

artfulexpression said...

I love your nails.  You do such intricate and detailed designs, definitely an inspiration to all us nail polish/nail art addicts out there.

ainos2 said...

Thank you Dear!
This is so much fun for me!

nihrida said...

I'm so glad you like these Viva La Nails stuff. =) Your nail art is amazing, I immediately thought of you when I got contacted by them. =)

glitterM said...

Cool design! I'm anxiously awaiting my Viva La Nails pkg.  You made great use of what they sent you!


thriszha said...

wow!! =-O

Saori said...

<span>I am not sure you will be happy by what I am saying but this nail art remind me a tv serie : Wonder woman ^^</span>
<span>Very fun & dynamic :) </span>

ainos2 said...

Lol! Suddenly, I have that ridiculous theme song in my head...hahaha!

Camila Gomes said...

This is very beautiful! I loved the stars!!

makeupgirl21 said...

Very pretty manicure.  I love everything you do.  That glitter is lovely.  If I did anything other than paint my nails I would try this stuff.