Thursday, June 25, 2009

I LOVE this picture of me!
Everything works in harmony- the shape of my brows (drawn in, the way I applied emu...even my hair- I usually wear a fringe of bangs(to hide my wrinkles).
Yesterday, I tried to recreate this look with different colors, and I failed miserably.
The key for me is to replicate my eyebrow shape. I use that as a guide to what shape I lay down for my eyeshadow.
I think I'll upload this to my notebook today as my desktop picture for reference and guide to how I should always do my brows.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Received my NYX stuff!
I'm dying to try the chubby eye crayons as a base for my Aromaleigh mineral shadows. I did a quick swatch of the hot pink and orange, and patted on coordinating AL cool!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Stress, lack of sleep and smoking have taken away my youth.
Although I don't believe in miracle creams, there are some products that seem to work well with my skin in making it appear younger.
L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift Deep-set wrinkle repair is one of them.

A couple of days ago, I stopped by my Health Food store for some Wasabi Green Peas. While I was there I had a look around and picked up a small 4oz bottle of Emu Oil. I'm going to add it to my nightly and daily routine by applying it under my moisturizer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Review, Everyday Minerals & Aromaleigh

I cannot say enough about this company's (totally) matte mineral base!
I've had such good results that I am hesitant to even try anything else!
My specs;
47, sun damage, under-eye alligator wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, loss of elasticity, some large pores, melasma on brow-bones, cheeks and lower left jawline.

I've had Melasma for years, starting with my second pregnancy in 1987. About 5 years ago, I noticed that my spots were growing into patches and that the patches on my brow-bones were taking on a different texture- hard/tough, almost callus like.

My cleansing routine; Make-up removal with Queene Helene Natural Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Oil, followed by cleansing with either Swisspers Supreme Exfoliating Pads with Jojoba or Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads. (I like Swisspers better)

One month after using EDM matte base and my melasma has faded by about 75%!
I'm not a dermatologist, however, I'm pretty sure that there must be some ingredient in non mineral foundations that was staining/aggravating my melasma.
I cannot think of any other reason as my routine has been the same for years.

After 1 month of EDM matte (medium beige neutral), the fading of melasma is extreme enough for me to move down a shade to matte light medium!

While I love EDM matte base, their eyeshadows and blush are just plain boring.
Enter- Aromaleigh Cosmetics and Aromatics!

Love, love, love Aromaleigh!
I have literally thrown out all my non mineral cosmetics because I believe in Aromaleigh products!
In 2 months time, I have acquired over 100 full size eyeshadows alone!
By far, my favorites are from the Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic Eyes Collection.

Review- Braun Epilator

Sometime in the 80's, my mother (a gadget junkie), ordered the Epilady, aka the torture device. Doing a Google image search- I could not find the "original" Epilady, so I'll have to give a brief description- a length of coiled wire attached to a hand held device that vibrated said coiled wire. Any hairs that got trapped in-between the coiled wire was yanked out from the vibration. Very bad design that produced less than mediocre results. I used it one time and threw it away.

That Epilady turned me off to any/all epilators- until now.

The other day, while trolling Youtube tutorials, I came across a review for an Emjoi Epilator. After looking at it, I thought that it was time to try an epilator again. I had it in my shopping cart, when my daughter, Amber, walked by and happened to see it.
A few months ago, she ordered two Braun Epilators. One for herself, and one for a friend that never payed up.
Love free stuff! I now have BOTH of them. Amber never used hers' because the noise scared her off.
My plan was to use it on my face. (Although not very noticable until I apply base), I've always hated the amount of hair on my cheeks, jawline and chin. I've tried to wax the area when I wax my mustache, but it was just too painful.
I used the Braun yesterday, and I must say, I am impressed with the results.
It was kinda' painful in a stinging way, but once I started, my body's natural painkiller kicked in and it was smooth sailing! The key to painless hair extraction is speed, and the Braun was pretty quick.
I am now sporting a face that feels as soft and silky as rose petals! Day 2, and no bumps/irritation.
While this epilator works great on my face, I am hesitant to use it anywhere else- not because it wouldn't work, but because of ingrown hair.
I currently shave my legs, lady-bits and underarms because I've had terrible issues with waxing and ingrown hair in those areas.

About me

I laugh at The Fashion Police.
I'm 47 years old, and I still wear (and get away with) mini-skirts & fishnets. My style influence- 1970's-1980's.
If one were to pidgeon-hole my style...Deathrocker/Goth/Glam.
These days, because of my job, I lean mostly towards Dark Glam.
My make-up hasn't changed in 35 years...dark and dramatic.
The only rules I live by are;
1.) Know your body type and what looks good on it.
2.) "Own your look"
If you do not feel comfortable in a certain "look", or you find yourself asking yourself, or someone else, if your butt looks too big in ______- it probably does.

I'm mostly active on Live Journal, where I'm known as a Corset-maker. I never thought I'd feel the need to create another blog. Recently, my daughter, Amber, turned me on to mineral make-up, and my beauty world has turned up-side-down!
I feel I have a lot to say about the new products I've been using.