Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About me

I laugh at The Fashion Police.
I'm 47 years old, and I still wear (and get away with) mini-skirts & fishnets. My style influence- 1970's-1980's.
If one were to pidgeon-hole my style...Deathrocker/Goth/Glam.
These days, because of my job, I lean mostly towards Dark Glam.
My make-up hasn't changed in 35 years...dark and dramatic.
The only rules I live by are;
1.) Know your body type and what looks good on it.
2.) "Own your look"
If you do not feel comfortable in a certain "look", or you find yourself asking yourself, or someone else, if your butt looks too big in ______- it probably does.

I'm mostly active on Live Journal, where I'm known as a Corset-maker. I never thought I'd feel the need to create another blog. Recently, my daughter, Amber, turned me on to mineral make-up, and my beauty world has turned up-side-down!
I feel I have a lot to say about the new products I've been using.

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Lucy said...

I've never been on Live Journal. What is it? I read that you sew. Do you make your own clothing? I love hearing about makeup and nail polish and related products. Great ideas about dressing and life.