Thursday, June 25, 2009

I LOVE this picture of me!
Everything works in harmony- the shape of my brows (drawn in, the way I applied emu...even my hair- I usually wear a fringe of bangs(to hide my wrinkles).
Yesterday, I tried to recreate this look with different colors, and I failed miserably.
The key for me is to replicate my eyebrow shape. I use that as a guide to what shape I lay down for my eyeshadow.
I think I'll upload this to my notebook today as my desktop picture for reference and guide to how I should always do my brows.


Lucy said...

Very pretty! The only thing I think is that your lip liner is too dark. I think it should match your lips or lipstick better. That's just my opinion and I'm saying it nicely not nastly like some people get. Just repeating what Bobbi Brown says about lip liners.

Anonymous said...

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