Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Review- Braun Epilator

Sometime in the 80's, my mother (a gadget junkie), ordered the Epilady, aka the torture device. Doing a Google image search- I could not find the "original" Epilady, so I'll have to give a brief description- a length of coiled wire attached to a hand held device that vibrated said coiled wire. Any hairs that got trapped in-between the coiled wire was yanked out from the vibration. Very bad design that produced less than mediocre results. I used it one time and threw it away.

That Epilady turned me off to any/all epilators- until now.

The other day, while trolling Youtube tutorials, I came across a review for an Emjoi Epilator. After looking at it, I thought that it was time to try an epilator again. I had it in my shopping cart, when my daughter, Amber, walked by and happened to see it.
A few months ago, she ordered two Braun Epilators. One for herself, and one for a friend that never payed up.
Love free stuff! I now have BOTH of them. Amber never used hers' because the noise scared her off.
My plan was to use it on my face. (Although not very noticable until I apply base), I've always hated the amount of hair on my cheeks, jawline and chin. I've tried to wax the area when I wax my mustache, but it was just too painful.
I used the Braun yesterday, and I must say, I am impressed with the results.
It was kinda' painful in a stinging way, but once I started, my body's natural painkiller kicked in and it was smooth sailing! The key to painless hair extraction is speed, and the Braun was pretty quick.
I am now sporting a face that feels as soft and silky as rose petals! Day 2, and no bumps/irritation.
While this epilator works great on my face, I am hesitant to use it anywhere else- not because it wouldn't work, but because of ingrown hair.
I currently shave my legs, lady-bits and underarms because I've had terrible issues with waxing and ingrown hair in those areas.


Lucy said...

I use the Emjoy Epilator for the same reasons. Damn getting older sucks. I get hairs on my chin that I hate. Even the Emjoy doesn't get them all. I have to tweeze them and then it irritates my face. The Emjoy doesn't irritate. I've used it on my legs and underarms with fantastic results. I barely have any underarm hair anymore. My leg has has really diminished. I'm not really hairy but anything that helps is great. I also love that you are so honest.

Anonymous said...

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