Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bow, Nothern Lights...moving to a coffin nail shape

Gorgeous polish, though not the best choice to show an emerging coffin shape.
This isn't something I could have done without an enhancement, as my free edges start to go flat and twist or flare up or down at the smile line. Crooked fingers, uneven finger pads...It's always a struggle with overcompensating when I file. So, I'm going slow...narrowing the sides in steps as my nails grow longer, keeping my eye on my hand as a whole rather than individual fingers.
 Bow polish purchased at Beautometry

Friday, June 9, 2017

Multi chromes...am I missing anything?

I love multi chromes. I've been in buying mode these past 3 months, and seeing many indie companies making them.
I've been out of the loop, and am wondering - are they better than Sally Hansen Nail Prisms?
Here's a shot of Sally Hansen #16, Turquoise Opal on a nail tip, 2 thin coats over black, no top coat. This is an old school polish...it flows over black like melted butter- almost painting itself. No weird angles here...the chromatic display is stunning.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brightech - LightView PRO (with magnifying lens)

I ordered this Brightech- LightView Pro in black from Amazon, and was supposed to receive it 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, something went wrong on Amazon's end, and they cancelled it the day after it was supposed to be here. I researched other mag/lights, but came back to this one for the 4.9 star reviews. I also went with white this time, and got it yesterday. Since my table is too thick to use the BrightView's screw clamp, I ordered a flat base, direct mount bracket, so I can screw it down to my table.

I thought I might have trouble getting used to looking through the lens, but I didn't. I removed my acry gels and reapplied with no problem. I could see so well, I had no skipped spaces due to the ridges on my nails...and was able to get the product right up to my cuticles. This acry gel application is almost flawless.

 Pic below is how it looks on my table. For those of you that remember my nail polish wall shelves- they are still there. I'm currently doing genealogical research and attached a very large cork-board to it with hinges. All I have to do to view and get to my polishes, is swing it out (like a door).
 (Next pic is through the lens...I really love the "framing" here...wished I had thought to center it better.)

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Simple mani...tested Unt peel off base

Target's brand, Defy & Inspire, Purple People Eater over my acry gel enhancement and Unt peel off. China Glaze DV8 on pinky.
Pueen stamping polishes in Rocking Metallic- Cool Aqua and Twilight Magenta. Plates; CICI & SSI 02, Uber Chic 16-03, Chez Delaney D14 and CJS-14.
Mani was a test of Unt peel off. Stamping done on day 2.

Unt peel off....My boss likes to keep our change drawer full to the brim with coin. Instead of sliding coin out, I have to pick it out....lots of trauma to my nail tips. In addition to having to cashier, I also expedite food, which means my hands are under heat lamps with high temps, and the tips of my nails touch hot plates. I also garden, and while I do wear gloves, sometimes I use my hand to dig a hole rather than a tool.

I thought this mani would peel off at the tips, but it didn't. The above shot is after day2 at work and gardening. My corners get the most wear, and I really thought this is where using Unt peel off would give me trouble. I think I could have worn this another day.

My acry gel enhancement is still new to me. My current routine is to do an acetone soak every other week and re-aply. I'd like to extend it to 3 weeks, however, by week 2 my tips feel weirdly flimsy. I don't always paint my nails, and giving out coin at work chips the 2 layers of gel top coat on my tips.  I'm thinking that it's due to the acry gel being exposed to water and a possible mani and non acetone remover.

Now that I know Unt peel off works, the next time I decide to go colorless, I'll use Unt and a clear top coat.