Thursday, June 8, 2017

Brightech - LightView PRO (with magnifying lens)

I ordered this Brightech- LightView Pro in black from Amazon, and was supposed to receive it 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, something went wrong on Amazon's end, and they cancelled it the day after it was supposed to be here. I researched other mag/lights, but came back to this one for the 4.9 star reviews. I also went with white this time, and got it yesterday. Since my table is too thick to use the BrightView's screw clamp, I ordered a flat base, direct mount bracket, so I can screw it down to my table.

I thought I might have trouble getting used to looking through the lens, but I didn't. I removed my acry gels and reapplied with no problem. I could see so well, I had no skipped spaces due to the ridges on my nails...and was able to get the product right up to my cuticles. This acry gel application is almost flawless.

 Pic below is how it looks on my table. For those of you that remember my nail polish wall shelves- they are still there. I'm currently doing genealogical research and attached a very large cork-board to it with hinges. All I have to do to view and get to my polishes, is swing it out (like a door).
 (Next pic is through the lens...I really love the "framing" here...wished I had thought to center it better.)

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