Friday, May 26, 2017

Original Spectraflair franken

I made this 6 years ago with original Spectraflair. I don't recall what base polish I used...from the sweet smell, probably an old school, it may be a Nicka A. Really sheer blush with a soft gold flash. This is 3 thin coats over my acry gel enhancement. Aside from my gel topcoat pooling around some of my cuticles, I think this looks lovely on my nails.

I'll have to wait a few days for some nail growth to file down the pooling and apply another layer of gel top coat. I'm unsure as to why this is happening. I'm using thin layers, and it *looks good until I remove my hands from the UV light.
*Could just be my eyes...I'm expecting a Brightech Lightview Pro magnifier with led lights any day.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New project- organizer for round 7mm Chez Delaney plates- picture heavy

I have 128, round 7mm Chez Delaney plates that I want to organize in a folder type holder. Thus far, I have found one place that sells 7mm plate holders- here on Aliexpress. They are side loaders. I almost pulled the trigger on purchasing, but decided to make my own because I think top loaders would be better.
Finished plate holder;

My initial idea was to use upholstery to cover my plates, but switched to re-purposing an old bamboo placemat.
Supplies; 6 pocket picture protectors (leftovers from organizing my husband's family photos...purchased here), 1/2" screw posts from Hobby Lobby (in the leather section...they also carry 1/4" screw posts- great for repairing your existing folders!), sewing machine (you could hand sew), spring steel lacing bones (from my corsetmaking stash...can be purchased here...plastic washers would be a good substitute), polyester thread (is best), choice of cover, awl, leather hole puncher, glue (E6000), drill.

Tips:( I sewed my pockets 7mm.) Use the finest needle you can. Loosen both the needle and bobbin tension. Use the largest stitch on your machine. You want to keep the stitch holes small and spaced  far enough away from eachother with enough "give" to allow reaching into the pocket to remove a plate without it ripping like perforated plastic.

Moving on...The wide channel between the picture pockets will be the fold line...where the screw posts will be installed. Each page of the finished folder will have 6 plates, back to back...vertical.
The lacing bone will be running down the center channel between pockets. The screw post fits perfect through the holes...I used 3.  Assembly goes like this-bone (or washers), upholstery, photo pages, bone...all held by 3 screw posts.) The lacing bone will add stability in addition to keeping the pages from ripping away from the screw posts.
 It was at the above point when I realized that I didn't need a cover at all, and maybe using the upholstery I had in mind would be time consuming. It's embroidered, so I'd have to finish all my edges. Then I saw the placemat.
Shown already cut, binding pirated and re-worked (glued) on the new edge. Bonus- the binding is nylon...the edges can be burned with a lighter to seal. Drilled 3 holes through the placemat for screw posts. Also, I glued that last leftover bit to cover the spine (over the lacing bone) of my holder, and used a red hot awl to burn a hole where the screw post goes.
Above, awl is on the left. On right is a leather hole puncher, and what I used to make holes through the picture sleeves. Below- inside assembly.
Below are metal, decorative corners I found while shopping for the screw posts at Hobby Lobby. 3 sets of 4 in  a burnished finish-silver, brass and copper. I used the silver...Although a bit expensive, I think they add a finished look to my new holder.

Below is a pic with the embroidered upholstery I almost used.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

50% off almost everything at Winstonia

I ordered the 3rd generation plates and some replacement stamper heads...50% off!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Homemade lint roller stand

Leftover from a bathroom remodel- hand-towel bar. Telling sign that I did not fully inspect this thing before working on my plans for it...there are teeth marks from the pliers I used. I initially thought that the end cap on this bar came off. I didn't see the little screw at the other end (the whole bar comes out of the base)...when I did see it, I unscrewed it with a non magnetic screwdriver, and lost it. Fortunately, I found another that fits, although long. Anyway, I cut out the plastic handle from the lint roller and inserted a new sleeve made from 2 plastic bottles- one slightly smaller than the other, bottoms cut off.  I cut these bottles with a hacksaw, but f I had my Dremel set up, I would have taken more off from the bottom instead of cutting extra from the tops. The higher up you go on the bottles, the flimsy-er they get. Using the hacksaw was a crude way of getting what I wanted...sliding the 2 bottles into each-other, total length, end to end, accommodating the length of the bar.
The base of the towel holder now re-purposed lint roller stand is mounted directly onto my mani table. (I built that myself and can make all the messes (as you can see), that I want.)
I think it turned out well enough- it does exactly what I want it to do.
CICI & SISI sell a beautiful acrylic lint roller stand that you can purchase here . I don't know if other lint rollers than their own would fit their stand.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Going through the stash

Fusion from Avon...purchased years ago, when mannequin hands were the rage. The swatch in the catalog looked flesh colored, but it arrived mauve.
I thought this polish would go in my frankening box, but I really like it. Fusion leans more on the neutral side, not as cool, mauve-y as I first thought. It has a beautiful pearl finish, which I also like. I'm not crazy about the pink's as if the makers were trying to make it "edgy". Doing an image search, seems Avon reformulated Fusion and added more glitter in 2008, making it a grainy mess.
This polish makes my boxy, mannish hands seem more delicate and feminine- just- really flattering.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

More tinkering with holders, also Bliss Kiss, CiCi and SiSi

I don't know if I ever put this out here...back in1982, I had a factory injury which involved A 1" steel rod going through my right (dominant) hand in addition to it being crushed between 2 steel plates...the force, 7,500 lbs of hydraulic pressure. Were it not for a very fine surgeon, I would have lost my hand. I have limited range of motion, so the way stamper holders feel and perform in my hand is important. Conical holders...not a good idea. They either slip out of my hand or my grip is wonky.
Anyway...I received 3 new stampers yesterday...Bundle Monster XL (conical holder), Bliss Kiss clear and CiCi and SiSi clear (conical glass holder).
 Love the Bliss Kiss holder. I made a similar holder (orange) last week using a hairspray cap and inserting a cut-down prescription bottle so the head won't move. I also hot-glued in a bushing to my Wistonia holder to keep a head in place. The Bundle Monster holder also got a much needed make-over....I hot-glued that into another cap and added a metal filigree napkin ring. Love the flat head on this one.
CiCi and SiSi elegant looking, but a no go for me...too heavy. Love the clear conical head on this one. I'll be looking for an alternate holder. Top row, L to R; new and improved Wistonia holder, Bundle Monster holder, Diy. Bottom row L to R; Bliss Kiss, CiCi and SiSi, Diy

Speaking of CiCi and SiSi...Last month I purchased 6 sets of their metal plates from DestashTheDupes on Storenvy. Curious about their acrylic plates, I went ahead and ordered 3 from their site....LOVE them so much, I ordered 7 more direct, and 4 more from DestashTheDupes.

Here's a pic of what my bum hand looks like;

Thursday, May 4, 2017

My favorite topper, Pure Ice, Oh Baby!

Pure Ice, Oh Baby!...discontinued?! Imo, the best thing Bari Cosmetics ever made. Oh Baby!, I love you so, irregular micro flakes that shift from turquoise to blue to purple to pink. To my eye, this stuff always made everything look better on my wide, Chicklet nails. Here it is, just one coat, over Color Club, Tangerine Scream.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Desire so strong you had to have it yesterday...Franken- Greyvid Copperfield by Lacquester

 Seen on Instagram, maria_bloodrednails
*EDIT* Can be purchased here
 Perhaps these are different batches or a revamp, or photographer skills...they do not look like the same polish. I LOVE the instagram version, so I frankened one up.
I used- Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Grey Area #330, Kleancolor Chunky Copper and Wet n Wild Clear.
I really shouldn't post minutes before I leave for work. I made an error on where to purchase Greyvid Copperfield....fixed now. Seems it's out of stock. I WILL be purchasing the original when it becomes available. In the mean time, I'll enjoy my franken.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Stamping w/plate TU-L030

Vertical sponging over the no name Orly DADA with an old Sally Hansen Fire Opal (in Flame Opal) to add more red flash. Double stamped with 2 greens from Handy Sexy Metals collection, using  plate TU-L030, purchased from Aliexpress. Other colors applied with dotting tool...Handy white, turquoise and Essie Mint Candy Apple.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Purchased this Orly DADA years ago in some hole-in-the-wall beauty store in Philadelphia. Purple jelly and warm pink it. No number or name on the bottle.

I think I will stamp over this soon. I have these fimo pieces that remind me of peacock eyes, that I might add. Purchased three wheels of them because I liked them so much, at that same store in Philadelphia.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tinkering with stamper holders

 This is what I did to my Wistonia holder. (All the gold pieces to the FCC polish on left are removable. I used the bottom half as a sheath.) While the holder itself works better with my hands, and isn't top heavy anymore, I still spend a lot of time getting the head in just right. This holder needs an inner lip.

 Found this item at work (I'm still managing the same restaurant). I think it came from the 5 gallon cooking oil cartons we order.  My XL stamper heads fit just right...and there's an inner lip, so I cut it down and sanded the edge.

The Clear Jelly head fits as well. I've been having trouble using my CJS due to glare. I actually thought it was my lighting, however, when I look through this holder, I can see my nail perfectly!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Quick mani

Base color; L A Girls Copper, overlay on 4 nails; Frankened (warmed up the jelly base) Sally Hansen Golden Ticket. Stamping plate CiCi & SiSi 12. Handy stamping polish Black...and some gold holo dots I've had for 2 decades.  First time I've been able to get passable results with my Clear Jelly Stamper. I need more practice!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Update- Handy Stamping Polish order from Moon Nails Supply

Part 1 of my interaction with Moon Nails can be found here.
Order was placed with Moon Nails Supply on March 14th.
Order went out on the 16th. I forgot to mention that a tracking number was provided via photograph of the actual tracking sticker on the package.
Friday morning, March 31st  I was surprised to find a pm waiting for me from Moon Nails...They were tracking my package as well and wanted to let me know that it had arrived in my town. 
Truly outstanding customer service.
Package arrived like this.
Packed using multiple layers of bubble-wrap.
Each bottle individually wrapped and taped together.

My pretties...

I'll definitely order from this company again...I have my eye on the neon set.
Ordering is done through pm on their facebook page. Moon Nails Supply

I am not affiliated with this company, and items received were paid with my own money.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Etude House BL009

One of my favorites...unsure if this is still available. Three days wear here. 2 coats, 1 coat of Seche Vite. I think my notepad takes better pictures than my camera.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Props- customer service from Moon Nails Supply

In the past, (with the exception of 6 Konad stamping polishes that I inherited from my daughter), I've always frankened my own or used polishes that stamped well. After researching the current stamping landscape, I decided it was time to order some stamping polishes. I almost ordered from Mundo de Unas when I ran across a review of Handy polishes from Moon Nails Supply by  PhD nails 
My buying preferences are, in order; value, quality, speed of delivery and customer service.
Being 2 more ml per bottle than MdU, Handy won as my first order.

There is no actual website for Moon Nails Supply (based in Mexico)...just a Facebook page and ordering is done through pm. I found the page to be disorganized, and sent a pm with questions. I was really surprised when a response came within hours with a pricing guide. A couple of days later, I placed my order for a few plates, 22 (16ml) bottles from their Facebook cover page page and the (16ml) Sexy Metals Collection
Shortly after, I received a pm with a Paypal total (with and without the 6% goods and service fee). When payment was made, I received another pm stating that my order was being put together (Tuesday), and another another pm stating my order was going out today (Thursday).
Really customer service!
I'll update on shipping time.

Natural nails with acry gel enhancement

My natural nail-beds are wide and flat with growth flaring out. They are also paper thin...and sharp. In the past, I've worn acrylics to get the nails thick enough for strength and to prevent the damage I do from *picking at the skin around my sidewalls. Here I have mostly 2 coats of acry gel...some areas I built up a bit.

 I learned how to do this and what products to use by watching 10perfectnails on youtube. I found that dipping my gel coated nail in acrylic powder enhanced the flatness of my nail bed, so I use the scoop end of a cuticle pusher to pour powder over the nail.

*(I never looked any further than labeling this picking activity under "generalized anxiety".  These days, I have an awareness of my triggers. They are related to being with any other person than myself...natural disposition is to be a distancer.)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


It's unfortunate that my nails came out so thick, because the holo is spectacular. I've been experimenting with acry gel enhancement over my real nails for strength.  In addition, I have 1 coat Sally Hansen Insta Dri Black to Black, 1 coat of Gel II Mirror Shine (no Cleanse) Top Coat, Coarse Holo Spectraflair Powder, another coat of Gel II. Due to an application error I had to repeat another layer of Gem II, Spectraflair, and a final coat of Gem II. That's 9 layers of something-or-another on my nails!