Saturday, May 13, 2017

Homemade lint roller stand

Leftover from a bathroom remodel- hand-towel bar. Telling sign that I did not fully inspect this thing before working on my plans for it...there are teeth marks from the pliers I used. I initially thought that the end cap on this bar came off. I didn't see the little screw at the other end (the whole bar comes out of the base)...when I did see it, I unscrewed it with a non magnetic screwdriver, and lost it. Fortunately, I found another that fits, although long. Anyway, I cut out the plastic handle from the lint roller and inserted a new sleeve made from 2 plastic bottles- one slightly smaller than the other, bottoms cut off.  I cut these bottles with a hacksaw, but f I had my Dremel set up, I would have taken more off from the bottom instead of cutting extra from the tops. The higher up you go on the bottles, the flimsy-er they get. Using the hacksaw was a crude way of getting what I wanted...sliding the 2 bottles into each-other, total length, end to end, accommodating the length of the bar.
The base of the towel holder now re-purposed lint roller stand is mounted directly onto my mani table. (I built that myself and can make all the messes (as you can see), that I want.)
I think it turned out well enough- it does exactly what I want it to do.
CICI & SISI sell a beautiful acrylic lint roller stand that you can purchase here . I don't know if other lint rollers than their own would fit their stand.


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Cristina said...

Amo seu trabalho. Parabéns.
Que ideia ótima!
Também uso esses rolinhos. Vou tentar adaptar alguma coisa por aqui.