Saturday, May 6, 2017

More tinkering with holders, also Bliss Kiss, CiCi and SiSi

I don't know if I ever put this out here...back in1982, I had a factory injury which involved A 1" steel rod going through my right (dominant) hand in addition to it being crushed between 2 steel plates...the force, 7,500 lbs of hydraulic pressure. Were it not for a very fine surgeon, I would have lost my hand. I have limited range of motion, so the way stamper holders feel and perform in my hand is important. Conical holders...not a good idea. They either slip out of my hand or my grip is wonky.
Anyway...I received 3 new stampers yesterday...Bundle Monster XL (conical holder), Bliss Kiss clear and CiCi and SiSi clear (conical glass holder).
 Love the Bliss Kiss holder. I made a similar holder (orange) last week using a hairspray cap and inserting a cut-down prescription bottle so the head won't move. I also hot-glued in a bushing to my Wistonia holder to keep a head in place. The Bundle Monster holder also got a much needed make-over....I hot-glued that into another cap and added a metal filigree napkin ring. Love the flat head on this one.
CiCi and SiSi elegant looking, but a no go for me...too heavy. Love the clear conical head on this one. I'll be looking for an alternate holder. Top row, L to R; new and improved Wistonia holder, Bundle Monster holder, Diy. Bottom row L to R; Bliss Kiss, CiCi and SiSi, Diy

Speaking of CiCi and SiSi...Last month I purchased 6 sets of their metal plates from DestashTheDupes on Storenvy. Curious about their acrylic plates, I went ahead and ordered 3 from their site....LOVE them so much, I ordered 7 more direct, and 4 more from DestashTheDupes.

Here's a pic of what my bum hand looks like;

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