Friday, May 26, 2017

Original Spectraflair franken

I made this 6 years ago with original Spectraflair. I don't recall what base polish I used...from the sweet smell, probably an old school, it may be a Nicka A. Really sheer blush with a soft gold flash. This is 3 thin coats over my acry gel enhancement. Aside from my gel topcoat pooling around some of my cuticles, I think this looks lovely on my nails.

I'll have to wait a few days for some nail growth to file down the pooling and apply another layer of gel top coat. I'm unsure as to why this is happening. I'm using thin layers, and it *looks good until I remove my hands from the UV light.
*Could just be my eyes...I'm expecting a Brightech Lightview Pro magnifier with led lights any day.

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