Friday, August 4, 2017

OPI, The Show Must Go On! ~discontinued

It's always something...I haven't been able to post due to laptop troubles.
I'm starting off here with the fact that I have been resistant to change. I'm still on an almost 10 year old laptop that runs Windows Vista and still use a flip phone. It took me years to use Facebook, and I opened an Instagram account that I mainly use to follow people. (It took me a hot minute to figure out that I cannot post a comment to IG from my laptop).

Rather than get better acquainted with my Samsung Galaxy Notepad, (or get a smartphone), I spent almost 3 weeks trying to repair my laptop. I've been in a battle with damage from AVG antivirus, that I won't spend any more time on other than to say -that program has sure acted like a virus to my laptop.

 Here's OPI, The Show Must Go On! from the Winter 2010 Burlesque Collection.

  It took 3 coats for even coverage...not sure if it's the formula or the jacked brush that I've been meaning to swap out. (It's extremely flat and floppy and has a tendency to splay out and split on the nail.)

I'm partial to metallics and shimmers and TSMGO is right up my alley. It's a really pretty rose-red with subtle or fleeting red, gold and purplepink shift in some lighting.  Mostly it looks like a cool toned rose-red, that flashes hot molten red with gold sparks. Looking at it brushed on a make-up sponge and through a jewelry loop, it's actually a rose red crelly base with goldish, iridescent flakes.

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ABOP Laquerlove said...

I remember when this polish was popular - and it's still as lovely as it was then. I feel you on not letting go, I still have a laptop running XP, and I refuse to spend money on another when it still works perfectly well.