Thursday, September 3, 2009


I usually don't wear light colored nails. My hands are pale and ruddy, so "light" never looks nice. I did all my Konad stamping in Black (Special Polish).

Base- N.Y.C 134A French White Tip

ISO a good white creme...N.Y.C. = terrible formula, awful brush, but, as I don't ever use white, it's all I had.

Over the white, I applied Pure Ice Mint Dream that I Frankened with a sheer lavender-aqua flash, Franken I made ages ago.

Konad plates- 2 images from M20, and 3 from M8.

Used a toothpick to apply Nfu-Oh #38 to the wings of the butterflies, and also added NYX glitter #03 in Crystal at random throughout the flower chain.

Two coats of Seche Vite.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.


gildedangel said...

That is gorgeous!!!!

nihrida said...

WOW! Looks amazing...

jessinwonderland said...

Your nails are totally awesome. I can't believe your 47! I love it. I hope when i'm 47 i'm as hip as you.


Lucy said...

I love this look! I also love your look. I just read your bio. It's great that your wearing what you feel is you. Do you dress the same while your managing the restaurant? Most bloogers I find are either 18+ or 30+. I'm older than you and I have a couple of undereye lines but not many. I have grey hair. I've had grey hairs since I was 13. I used to dye it. I stopped about 10 years ago. I love all music except boy bands and that sort of sound. I guess I don't love all music! I love rock music. I'm looking forward to all the looks you'll be doing on this blog.