Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SinfulColors Konadicure

SC basecoat in Show me The Way
Konad plate M57
Stamped with Essie Where's the Soiree?

I've had several Konadicures since my last post, all not very blog-worthy. Although I didn't do anything "special" with this one, I think it's a still interesting enough to post. My first time wearing a green that was not neon.
This konadicure with the tiger(?) stamp almost looks reptilian to me. I couldn't wait for my husband to get done work to snap pictures with his camera, so I used my inferior, ancient Fuji. I'm about to go see my manicurist for a fill and to repair the last fill that has pulled away from my nailbed.


gildedangel said...

I love this, very cute!

Lucy said...

Love this manicure! It does look reptilian to me also. I really like it.