Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 random things about me

I was tagged by Nihrida a few days ago. Although thrilled, this tag sent me into a panic. I have no idea how to work the features in this blog! Moreover, time is not my friend- I work 6 days a week, 3- 10 hour days and 3- 14 hour days, as the GM of a very busy Restaurant.
Anyway! Here are 10 *very* random things about me;

1) I wear acrylic nails out of necessity. I have a terrible habit of picking and ripping off the skin at the sides of my nails to the point of mutilation. This habit has sent me to my Dr's office for treatment of more Staf Infections than all other illnesses of my lifetime combined. My nail tech knows to make my tips a bit more on the thick side- not very attractive, I know- but the thickness prevents me from having sharp nails to do damage with.

2) I can read Slavonic, a basically "dead" Eastern Orthodox Church language.

3) I make enough money to shop for clothes practically anywhere I want, yet 98% of my clothes comes from The Salvation Army and Goodwill.

4) I am physically handicapped, but I have adapted so well people don't see it. In 1981, a mold machine crushed my right hand in half and sent a steel pipe through it.

5) I am a "night crawler" by nature...up all night, sleep all morning.

6) I am a Loner.

7) I've been married 3 times. #2 was 2 years older than my father. #3 was a woman. I am now reunited with #1, the father of 2 of my 3 children.

8) I haven't owned a pair if sneakers since high school- 29 years ago!

9) I smoke 1 1/2 packs of cigarettes a day.

10) I had to look up how to link to a friend's blog on Blog Doctor...let's see if I did it right.


AllYouDesire said...

wow, thanks for sharing. I like nuber 2! :)

kelliegonzo said...

you sound like a very interesting person! nice to get to know you better <3

nihrida said...

WOW! Now that's what I call interesting facts! :))) I'm a night crawler too and a loner. And I love the facts about your marriages. :) You must be one very strong and interesting woman. :)

Lucy said...

I definitely agree with Nihrida. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. How did your accident happen. I just cringed when I read that. You must have suffered a lot of pain. I'm so sorry. Staph infections aren't good! Good idea that your manicurists makes thicker nails.

ainos2 said...

In 1981, I was packing in a plastics factory on a machine that made perfume caps for CK cologne. Some excess plastic did not drop from the mold, so I reached under to yank it out (Unsafe, but standard practice). Instead of the plastic giving way, it sprung back, and took my hand with it back into the mold. 7500 pounds of hydraulic pressure in that mold press crushed my hand. Because I was injured and in shock, when the mold opened, I could not move my hand fast enough to avoid one of the steel rods that the mold traveled on from punching through my hand as well. That rod got me just above the wrist between my thumb and index finger. A fraction of an inch lower, and my hand and I would have been seperated.

Oddly enough, I didn't feel normal pain, just an excruciating pressure. I made a funny out of it all when the paramedics tried to wheel me out of the plant. I told them (salted with much F-bombs) that they were either rookies, blind or dumber than a head of cabbage..."I can walk just fine- my hand is injured not my legs, you idiots!"
I remember it all, up until I got into the ER, where my mother was waiting for me. She says I went postal after the Dr mentioned the possibility of amputation. They had to get 2 orderlies to subdue me. She said that I stood up on the table, cursed out the Dr and told him that all I needed was a stitch or 2.
The reality- the pressure from the crush blew out all the meat and innards of my hand, broke and shattered many bones and severed a major nerve branch.

kelliegonzo said...

wow i hope you got a hell of a settlement out of that ;) thanks for sharing ♥

ainos2 said...

*sigh* Actually no. My attorney was jailed for Cocaine, so his associate, who just passed the bar, took over. My case dragged until the last day of cut-off(forgot the legal term)- associate panicked and suggested I settle. One day after, the expert who examined the machine called me at home and basically told me *exactly* what I had lost.
Apparently the machine was designed by the manufacturer with a disasterous flaw.
A right-handed person (as myself) has no way of reaching for the emergency open button if said right hand gets injured.

OMG, omg, omgomgomg...this *still* makes me sick- 28 years later!
Had I gone through trial- I would not only be set for life- but more importantly- it would have gone national- recalls- and machine standards would have changed.