Thursday, March 16, 2017

Natural nails with acry gel enhancement

My natural nail-beds are wide and flat with growth flaring out. They are also paper thin...and sharp. In the past, I've worn acrylics to get the nails thick enough for strength and to prevent the damage I do from *picking at the skin around my sidewalls. Here I have mostly 2 coats of acry gel...some areas I built up a bit.

 I learned how to do this and what products to use by watching 10perfectnails on youtube. I found that dipping my gel coated nail in acrylic powder enhanced the flatness of my nail bed, so I use the scoop end of a cuticle pusher to pour powder over the nail.

*(I never looked any further than labeling this picking activity under "generalized anxiety".  These days, I have an awareness of my triggers. They are related to being with any other person than myself...natural disposition is to be a distancer.)

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