Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anyone know German? I want these nail stamping plates!

I want the entire 32, T-series nail stamping plates from here;

Do they sell all the T plates as a set,  moreover- do they ship to the US? If so, how would I go about ordering them?


Arie said...

Lisa this are suuperrr cute! I want the one with the dogguie face!!!
I went to take German classes long time ago but I forget almost everything sorry:-(, but you can always try to send them an email , look for the word informationen , go dawn for Kontakt and send them an email in english,I am sure they will answer you in english too, so don't worry.

Evil Angel said...

Lisa if you add google translator to your explorer tool bar every time you open a page that is not in eglish it will offer to translate. I checked it out and they are 4.88Euro

Jen said...

I just had a look and thought they were selling the whole set for 19 euros, but that's just the case to display them in. They don't seem to sell a full set, just the individual plates which are 4.88 each :-)

Kirsten said...

They only sell individual plates, the top item is an organiser for plates.
They only ship to the EU though, sorry.

If you want, you can send me an email with the plates you want so I can order them for you and ship them to you?

mindermutsig at hotmail dot com

Rachel said...

Send them an email and if you have Paypal they will ship to the USA. I got 3 plates for Halloween and the lady was very nice and surprised I was ordering from them haha :)

Kirsten said...

Oh that's even better!

ainos2 said...

Yay! Thank you Rachel! I actually prefer using Paypal for my transactions.

thriszha said...

hey lisa heres the email to order plates office@nailtrends.at
and ask for what you are looking for mention code "loungie" and you will get 10% off your first order!
this was barbara told me about odering plates or any nail art items..

heres the link for loungie blog:

i hope this will help... i also want to order 3 plates on them.. but i dont know if they will allow payment through western union...=(

if ur able to buy a plate can u also order me then ill send the payment to u through western union..just email me at hanniz017@yahoo.com

'Toya said...

if you use google translate just put the url in the box and it will translate the whole page for you

PowerLifterChick said...

If you find a good reliable place to get those please let me know! I am VERY interested in getting these too!

ainos2 said...

~Thriszha, let me know which plates you are interested in. I'm not quite ready to order yet, though. More than likely, it will be a few weeks.

thriszha said...

ohh thanks Lisa.. i had talked to Barbara (polish-Loungie) we will just make some swaps..again thanks