Friday, November 13, 2009

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List 10 ambitions and tag 3 blogs.

1. To attend WGT
2. Go to India
3. Go to Brazil
4. Smoke less cigarettes!
5. Learn how to pace myself
6. Find better servers. I need an A team!
7. Spend less money
8. Finish some "open" home improvements
9. Find time to get married
10. Work on better sleeping habits
Tagging all who have yet to do this one!


Evil Angel said...

Lisa I hope they all come true for you!
P.S. If you find a cure for smoking less woud you clue me in on it?!

ainos2 said...

I'm currently smoking too much because 95% of my servers are total crap and it's stressing me out.
Most of them are single parents. You would think that leaving with $100+ in their pocket every day would be motivation to come to work.

nihrida said...

I hope they come true too! And I can go to India with you. ;)