Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger Award Tag!
 I've been tagged for this award by Cindy of Nail'd & Polish'd  
and Sasa of Nihrida's Blog .




List 7 facts about yourself and tag/award 7 other Bloggers. 
1~ My ancestors are from Siberia, a subarctic region. You would think that I would be "wired" to be okay with cold temperatures. I am not- I despise and dread it. Being cold is *painful* to me. It is one of the very few things I cry about.
2~ I have been collecting animal bones that I find in the woods.  I have plans to re-face our fireplace and incorporate the bones in a unique design. My inspiration is The Bone Church.
3~ I have been known as "The Secret Keeper" at every job I've held. Everyone's secret is safe with me...I never tell a soul the secrets I know- not even my husband.
4~ I have also been called "MacGyver" (see show summary) or "The Fixer of All Things" due to my resourcefulness in scabbing in a repair using only what is available on site. I once fixed a hot chocolate machine with rubber-bands and toothpicks- really.
5~ I do not want grandchildren.
6~ I wish I had nails like hers' .
7~ I do not eat meals. I "graze" on little things throughout the day. The irony in this- I'm the manager of a restaurant.
8~ I am a rule-breaker! haha! Really though- I am not always practical- I want Stiletto style nails.

 I tag; Hey! I actually have blogs to tag this time! Not sure if I'm on their rolls though.

Diana from Painted Lady Fingers  
( I just realized that Diana lives only 40 minutes from me! Love Philly!)
Gildedangel from Naive Nails
deez nailz
Any of the girls from Polish or Perish
Skye from Nailz In Aus 
Liz from Iceomatic's Nails



nihrida said...

Interesting facts. I like the one with bones... Creepy :))) I like that!

paintedladyfingers said...

Hey lady! Let me know when you are coming this way. :)

I will do my tag this weekend. Thanks for thinking of me. <3