Sunday, November 15, 2009

On vacation! & top coat re-evaluation

I have the next 5 days off! I'm not sure if I can make it...I am a workaholic and control freak. Honestly, I was more excited with the anticipation of having 5 days off than the actual being off.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail for Sally Hansen Arabian Night! I fell in love with it after seeing it on Nihrida's tips, and just had to have it for myself.. I didn't waste any time last night, removing my crane mani to apply AN. While the color did not disappoint, gorgeous, gorgeous,  the formula was quite thin. I applied 3 runny coats and decided that I would forgo Seche until the polish was fully cured.

I've been having a lot of tip and cuticle shrink-back, which I believe to be attributed to applying Seche over uncured polish. (theory brought on by the experiment going on in The Edge of Sanity's blog- Top Coats Undressed).
Unfortunately, I woke up this morning sporting a sheetnadacure on 3 nails, so the time I had before work was filled up trying to salvage them using Orly Smudge Fixer- instead of applying my Seche.
I was terribly annoyed  with this, but as the day wore on, I began to look at this issue differently...I am re-evaluating what I *really* want from a top coat... I went to work without applying one and after 3 hours of my tips being in and out of a cash register (overfilled) with change, they are perfectly fine- no scratches, chips or tip-wear!
I had major scratches on both thumbs within the very *first* hour of my crane mani (topped with Seche).
I love Seche for the quick drying time and for the shine, however, I am not opposed to switching to a top coat that's more durable against scratches.


~Elizabeth said...

Loving the blog, have to post though.
Long ago I found a top coat that was mostly what Seche is but without the fast dry. It had Vinyl in it and it was so long ago, I can't remember if it was L'oreal or Revlon or what. I can only tell you I got it Longs Drugs.
Beyond that, I am SOLD on Seche Vite. Being as I left the polish community for about 20 years and am no rejoining all my fellow crazy ladies. :)
I am so amazed at the new colors, the new formulas and the fast dry top coats.
Seche was a bit disappointing at first, but I've learned to put the base color over the tips, as well as the Seche and there is no pull. NONE.
The other thing I'll add is that there is no such thing as a top coat that resists scratches and maintains it shine....yet.
The only way around it is to reapply the topcoat every few days, and viola' shine restored!
So nice to find another lady who refused to lose her rocker style just because she's reached a "certain age."
Love you, love your style, love your blog!

thriszha said...

im using 2 top coat in every i used the sallyhansen mega shine topcoat for the base polish... i love how shine it is.. then after i put stamping design u put the seche.. i like seche vite coz it doesnt give some smudge on my stamp design not like the sally hansen.. then after a day.. i add another sallyhansen top coat mega shine...
have a great week sweety!! xoxo happy polishing!!

nihrida said...

Hey, Lisa! Hope you'll have a great vacation...try not to think about work. ;)
I'm so honoured that my pictures convinced you to buy Arabian Night. Isn't it gorgeous? I was a little disappointed too, by the sheer formula. But the color is so great, I don't mind applying 3-4 coats anymore. :)
Hope you find your HG top coat. I'm sticking with Seche. It seems to be working good for me so far.
Take care! :*

Lucy said...

Relax please! You have to have some brain down time. I've been using Nubar's Diamont Topcoat. It dries fast and is really shiny.