Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tribal fauxnad- Color Club, Feel the Beat, and...Tiki man!

 setting sun out for a moment

indoor w/flash

(matte-fied w/Essie MAY indoors, w/flash) The metallic attributes of Feel The Beat matte-fied looked exactly like brushed aluminum! Unfortunately, the camera didn't come anywhere near capturing it. :(

All hail the Tiki Man!

Base ~ Color Club, Feel The Beat
Fauxnad plate P51
Random dots of  Color Club , Abracadabra
1 coat Poshe
1 coat Essie Matte About You
Feel The Beat really glows like a flame. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting how early the sun sets these days, and took pics way too late to bring out the glow. I've read descriptions of this color as being red, however, I say it's a Russet, and wow- is it ever gorgeous! Formula was thinner than I like, so I did 3 coats. If I were wearing this sans the fauxnad, I'd do a 4th coat to even out the streaks that only I could see. I 'm not a matte girl, but decided to matte-fy my pinky just to show that variable to my readers. I was really surprised and * loved*   how much it looked like brushed aluminum, I went ahead and matte-fied the rest. Very, very cool.


S said...

I love the matte version of this though both version look really good. I hate how the sun sets so early in here too, I seriously go to work before the sun is up and when I get off of work it's already dark outside... there's no time for taking pictures :D

Evil Angel said...

Holy Tiki torches...that is HOTTTTttttttt!
I love the matte version as well, it glows.

gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous mani; I love it shiny!

enamoredenamel said...

oooh I like the tribal... and your little tiki man!

thriszha said...

ohhh.. i'm fellin the beat!! i love this so much...specially when it's matted..where do u bought ur essie matte about u? in a local store in ur town or online buys?

nihrida said...

This manicure immediately reminded me of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie. Don't ask me why! :)))) It looks great and I love that wooden sculpture you're holding.

PowerLifterChick said...

OH MY!!!! I LOVE this!
Fantastic girl!

Mighty Lambchop said...

Gorgeous! Love the matte look especially. You seriously rock!

ainos2 said...

~S- Thank you!

~Evil Angel- Lol! I was so surprised at how much I liked it matte!

~gildedangel- Thank you! This mani didn't last long though. The dots I applied were just too much for my picking habit. Ruined within a couple of hours. :(

~enamoredenamel- Thank you! I love theme posts, and I thought using the Tiki man was fitting for this mani.

~thriszha-Thank you! I bought Essie MAY as an afterthought while I was in a local beauty store. I'm not a matte girl, however, when I saw it on the shelf priced at half the price of online stores, I bought it.

~nihrida- I haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure if I had, I'd see your "vision". Surprisingly, the Tiki man is made of resin! I have a whole "family" of Tiki people that I purchased to use as inspiration for a corset bag I embroidered for a client.
Stupid me- I lost all my replies here because I added a link to the bag. Took me an hour to figure out why it didn't post. Anyway, I edited my op and the bag is at the end.

~PowerLifterChick- Thank you! I really wish I had been more aware of the time of day & the fleeting sun. Feel the Beat *needed* sunshine in order to bring out the glow.

ainos2 said...

Aww, Thank you!

Jodes said...

This is amazing!  You've done a great job

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

makeupgirl21 said...

:-P Love the shade of polish.  Looks gorgeous on you.  The design is amazing.