Monday, November 23, 2009

VNS ordering ? and ...:( chopped & slopped! at end

I've ordered from VNS before with no problems. Why is it that I'm now being asked to log in to view pricing?
As some of you know, I've been trying out a new nail salon after my old salon switched to inferior products. I'm currently doing walk-ins instead of appointments, so I can try out each of their techs, iso "the one".

This morning's  tech suggested I shorten my nails. I said "no thank you" at first, but then changed my mind. I really know better than to go against a bad feeling, but I thought that taking them down "a hair shorter (is exactly what I told her)" would be ok.
The girl took off 1/3 of my length! After I got home and examined my mani, I noticed that every nail on my left hand is 1/4" shorter than on my right...and...Just *look* at the sloppy paint job she did. Horrible.
The only thing I was happy with was the color I chose, OPI Sapphire In The Snow.

First 2 (lft & rt hands) indoors w/flash

Next 2 (lft & rt hands) indoors, under lamp-light, no flash.


EvilAngel said...

Good want me to go smack her around?!
The first tech did a very nice job, this one is either inexperianced or lazy or both.
((hugs)) It's a great color!

Jodes said...

The colour is lovely.  But OMG I can't believe the sloppiness.  Don't go back there!
Your nails are too fabulous to let an amateur loose on them!

nihrida said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I guess you won't go back, right? That's just sloppy... At least the color looks marvelous on you. It's really gorgeous. =)

ainos2 said...

I think she was really distracted. What with her cell constantly ringing and her watching J-Lo fall down on TV, it's no wonder my nails turned out the way they did.

ainos2 said...

The color is lovely...I think I'm going to order a bottle!

ainos2 said...

I'll go back- but not to her!

makeupgirl21 said...

:( That's sloppy work to have nails unequal in length. Keep trying.  I do love the shade.