Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Update-repaired nails & Orly Ruby Passion


           My cat Brillo- he eats everything. Nom, nom Ruby Passion.

 My cat Steph was not impressed!
I want to thank all my readers who commented on my last post. It really does mean the world to me!
Yesterday, I tried a new salon, one that was recommended by one of my ex-employees. I am extremely happy with the results! Not only did they repair the breaks, they repaired the other 7, which by the way, *all* had cracks, and were ready to go the way of my other 3. The nail tech took her time and ground away all the off-color fills, which included last week's, and the many "spots" of old nail polish embedded in acrylic. When she was done, my nails were all one color. They looked so clean, fresh and new, for a hot second I almost opted for a sheer frenchy instead of the Color Club OOOOOO La La I brought with me.
3 new tips, a new fill and the many repairs cost me only $20- YAY!

I have learned a valuable lesson that I'd like to pass on to my readers. Please do not go to *any* salon that is not busy! There are many reasons why some salons are busy and others are not. Moreover, apply this advice to any and all "office" situations. Don't go to a doctor, dentist, dermatologist, tanning salon...etc- if they are not busy! Busy is good. It means the office/salon is doing something right!

The salon I had been going to is 2 years old. When they first opened, they were packed all the time. It was very hard to get an appointment-  and forget about a "walk-in"! Over time, the patrons thinned out. I liked being able to just "walk-in and get my fill whenever I had the time.
I'm sure the reason why they lost all those patrons was because they used sub-par products to save money. The salon is huge and in a beautiful building. The overhead must be astronomical.

By comparison, the salon I went to yesterday was really, really busy! For each patron that walked in after me, (I was the first of the day), a tech came out from the back. An hour later all 8 nail stations and half of the 12 pedi chairs were occupied! Judging by the conversations going on, all these patrons were repeat customers that the techs were very familiar with. The salon had a happy air about it with all the chatter going on..."why didn't you bring the baby?", "how was the wedding?", "kids doing well in school?"...etc.
I felt very comfortable there, so I *will* be going back.

Bonus that the salon is right next to my Sally's! I popped in to see if they had anything new. They didn't, but I walked out with a color I never wear on my nails- red. Orly Ruby Passion called out to me from the rack, so I bought, went home, removed CC OOOOOO La La, and applied 2 coats of Ruby Passion- and I love it!


PowerLifterChick said...

YAY for good salon experiences!

I agree, busy = good!

the Nails look great!

thriszha said...

yay!! im glad u found a salon that meets ur satisfaction and made u happy... love ur nails...

gildedangel said...

Your nails look great! I am so glad that you found a place you like!

nihrida said...

Yay for new nails!!! :) They look beautiful. I'm glad to hear you found a new salon and a good one too! :) I'll try and remember your advice. Well, my hair dresser is ALWAYS busy, so I guess I already AM following your advice. :)
What beauties are your cats! I wanna scratch their bellies until they give me a severe ''bunny kick''. :D

Lisa, I want to thank you one more time for the package. I'm still under the influence so... Thank you! :***

Kirsten said...

Your nails look way better too.
I'm glad you are happy with your new salon. You are right, busy IS good.

Evil Angel said...

First I have to say that this salon did a fabulous job, your nails look perfect! Also I love a good comfy salon that really pays attention to their clients.

P.S. You look smokin' in red!

Lucy said...

I'm so happy that you found a good salon. I always read that a busy place is a good place. I don't go to any salons. My girlfriend can cut my hair. I've only had 2 professional manicures in my life. I've always done my own nails. From all the photos I've seen you picked a good salon.