Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fauxnad fail! Review Op Art image plate H5

Op art image   Chez-delaney 
I spent the better part of last night doing practice stamping with different polishes using plate H5. The very cool Op Art image was a royal pita to work with.  I tried every stampable polish- konad specials included- with the same results. The problem with this image happens during  the "pick-up" process, when the stamp is picking up the image off the plate. Pressure from the stamper forces/squishes the polish down each groove and puddles on all 4 sides of the square.
I seemed to get better results from a thin coat of holo, however, they're so fast drying that by the time I got the stamper to plate, the thinnest lines on the image had already dried!
I finally gave up and went to bed. Before I nodded off to sleep, it came to me why I was getting those puddle results. While I've never had a class in Physics, something tells me this has something to do with the laws of Physics, namely- Inertia.
With that theory, I fell asleep feeling very smart, so all was not lost.


nihrida said...

You crack me up! :)))) Yeah, it has something to do with physics...I've just never liked this class and I don't even want to think about it. Especially not before I go to sleep. :) Hope you figure that plate out.

thriszha said...

hmmm.. im about to order this plate.. but when i read ur post.. i change my mind.. i dont wanna have an insomia again on stamping those image designs on my nails... lol...

Shroom21 said...

Hello! Just discovered your blog and its amazing! I really wanna try konading but I dont wanna spend alot of money incase im not good at it or it doesnt work with my nails (I have long nails but their really thin)...I was thinking about getting a cheap "fauxnard" set on ebay but is the stamp just as good?

If anyone could offer any tips that would be fabs!