Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fauxnad cherry blossom and crane, Freshcover Black Gold


So sorry about the indoor flash photos. Here on the East coast, it's been heavy rain and cloudy skies for days. We are experiencing the remnants of hurricane what's-it's-name.
I've had a couple of fauxnad manis before this one, but they were aweful- not very post worthy. Part of my problem is the need to be original. When I saw someone on my blog-roll use the stamp I had been prepared to use, I went ahead and did something else.
For the base of this mani, I used a brand of polish I never heard of before. Doing a search on it brought up a few posts, but no swatches or reviews. It's called Freshcover and is big 3 free.Bloggers have posted that they found this brand at Costco. I found mine at a beauty supply store for $6.99. The color is Black Gold, however, there is nothing gold about it! It's a neutral black cherry- go figure! The formula was a bit sticky. Because I tend to "push" color around before I start my stroking, it worked fine for me.
Base- Freshcover Black Gold
Fauxnad plates H23 & H30
Cherry blossom stamped with Sally Hansen Chrome Burmese Ruby
Crane stamped with Sally Hansen Copper Chrome
I added pink holo hex-es from Love My Nails Pretty in Pink to the blossom tree (I wished these were a bit smaller)
1 coat Seche


Mighty Lambchop said...

This is so gorgeous! I love the crane. Such a beautiful manicure, nice work!

Jessica said...

This looks fantastic, such an orginal design I really like it!

thriszha said...

ohhh.. i love it so much.. it made me fall inlove with the design.. i love this design so much... ur nails are always stunning & very unique!!!

nihrida said...

WOW! This mani is so classy. Love the base color, although it really has nothing to do with gold. :) And that stamping, you did great!

gildedangel said...

That is gorgeous, wow!!!

PowerLifterChick said...

Love this design. Great job!

Jodes said...

You've done a really fab job with this mani. I love it.


ainos2 said...

Thank you ladies!

Kirsten said...

That design looks lovely!
Great job. Chromes really do work well with konad/fauxnad, maybe I should get some.

paintedladyfingers said...

Beautiful! I saw a blue heron a couple weeks ago. I love water birds. So nice to have them on your nails! A couple more days and we should see the sun again!

Lucy said...

I love this manicure. Your nails look like a painting. It must be hard to be original. There's only so many plates. I think your very original. Your nails always look beautiful.