Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wanna see my underwear? Bloggers shout out!

Hi Kids!
I've had one heck of a stressful week. I won't bore you with the mostly work related details, except to say that my blood pressure is an out of control, 186/118, even with my bp meds. (more health stuff after nail stuff)
First, though, I want to show you my "underwear"- 
Instead of my nails going "commando" under sheers and problematic polishes, I'll now be using 1 or 2 coats of Milani Angel Pink. Please excuse how dry my hands are. I had a molar pulled, and the towel I wrapped my pillow in sucked all the moisture out of them. 
I'll be wearing this soft and feminine color as my NOTD for work tonight. I've set aside a half dozen plates in hopes that I'll feel well enough to do some stamping after work. x-crosses fingers-x

All full sun...

I saw my Dr yesterday, and he upped the mg dosage of my current script, in addition to setting up appointments for some general baseline testing...mammogram, colonoscopy (or as my husband calls it- the kaleidoscope), bloodwork, and a much needed appt with a specialist to check out a large and bothersome lump located on a lymph node where my upper thigh meets my lower groin.
Right after my Dr visit, I went to see my dentist and had a molar pulled- but not before waiting 2 hrs in the office while he tracked down my Dr for an "OK" to extract. Because of my high bp, I had some major bleeding from the Novocaine injection site. After signing 3 release papers, my dentist went ahead and reluctantly pulled it out.
What an ordeal....I bled for 17 hours, and feel like total crap today. 

Do you have a Blog????
At this time, the *only* stress reliever I have in my life is my Blog and Blogs that I read. I cannot tell you how much Joy this brings me. Time is precious, and I appreciate all those who Blog and those who comment. Recently I accidentally found (and joined) several Blogs that belong to my Followers- some, of which, are old time Followers.
Please- if your Blog is 80% or more about nails- I want to be following it. Leave your link in this post!!!


Danielle said...

love your blog, you come up with some awesome nail art :)

Here's my URL if you'd like to check out my blog : polishobsessed.blogspot.com

thanks :)

syl said...

Normally I hate nude polishes, but this one really looks well on your nails! I've got my own nailart blog for a while, maybe you'll like it : www.nailartcreations.blogspot.com

Kitty said...

I've been searching for an underwear polish that I can get easily. I want to go out and get a bottle of Angel Pink right now, but I guess I should go to work first *sigh*

I think you already follow my blog, but sending *hugs* & I hope you start feeling better soon!

Flavia said...

*hugs you and hopes you feel better soon*
Love the sheer look on you almost as much as I love your amazing konading skills! ;)
If you want to check me out: similaraddiction.blogspot.com.

Megan Harmeyer said...

I'm sorry you had such a hard day at the dentist!  Sucks.  That color is great, but it's really not for me...it would definitely give me manequin hands. 

I have a blog, it's nails, recipes and my boys (though definitely more of the nails and recipes). http://kitschysuburbia.blogspot.com/

makeupgirl21 said...

<span>You've been through the wringer this week! I'm glad your getting your lump checked out.  I know that lymph nodes swell when you have an infection.  Please let us know the outcome. We're all part of a family and worry about each other.  I'll keep you in my prayers.  Your blood pressure is terrible.  I know all the hard work you do with hostessing, etc. puts too much stress on you.  When your so good at your job the bosses give you even more work.  Glad your seeing your doctor.  Please take it easy.  Your nails look wonderful no matter what you have on!</span>

Morgan le Fay said...

What a day... A Big hug from Holland

L said...

I really like this on your nails. Sorry about your week. *HUGS*

Daria said...

I'm familiar with the bp problem, even though I'm much younger. I know how hard it is, I hope you'll be doing well. Because we women are strong!
I love sheer milky polishes, they look extremely feminine, tender and "underwear"-y, really. I love how it looks on you nails <3
If you want to, there is my blog: http://sc813.blogspot.com
Cheers! *hugs*

Sofie said...

I should get a nude underwear-polish too! That would be so good when applying sheer polishes..

I have a blog about nail art: swaafie.blogspot.com

Anita Merrill said...

I just had a molar pulled last week sfter a month of infectiona and pain so I'm soooooo sorry you're going through this,  Hugs from Utah, hope you're feeling better.

Emybloom said...

Awww por thing, I hope the crap feeling moves on soon.  Good on you for getting the much needed appointments - they aren't fun nor easy to get booked (from my point of view anywy.. hate hate) I really need to go to the dentist too bleh.

I'm probably hitting 80% nail blog action... just, though activity is a little meh at the moment - so if you're bored www.emybloom.com

Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

I am so sorry you're feeling so stressed.Ugh boo to the dentist!!! I really hope you feel better ASAP.

My blog is exclusively about nails, if you haven't checked it out the url is: www.primandpolished.blogspot.com


krex said...

I've been following your blog for a while, but I suck at commenting. I'm sorry you're not feeling too well.

mrsrexy said...

Thx for showing us your unders!  Hope you are feeling better soon!

Ange-Marie said...

whooooo baby! i see london i see france!  That looks really pretty on you. 
I tried to franken you a *true* red holo and failed miserably, but I still mailed it off to you.  Hope it arrived safely.
I hope everything gets better and that you feel better soon =(

Arrianne said...

I agree with you about blogging/blogs being stress relievers. I believe you already follow mine, which I much appreciate!

JQ said...

Wow I actually really dig this colour and I think I'll have to put it on my list to find.

Sorry to hear about the medical yucks.  No wonder you don't feel so great today!  I sure hope you feel better soon.

I just found your blog full of awesome a month or so ago and I followed as soon as I laid eyes on your fabulous manis!  I have a 100% nail blog and I would love for you to visit!
check me out at: http://fripperydigits.blogspot.com

Janna said...

Sorry to hear about that =[ I have a nail blog if you're interested and hopefully I'll be finding more time to post!


l0verlada said...

</p><p>That color is a gorgeous sheer! Might have to pick that one up for myself. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems <img></img> I hope everything gets better soon!

</p><p>I have a blog, it's a lot of nail stuff but quite a bit of makeup too. If you'd like to check it out: daintydarlingdigits.blogspot.com

Rachel said...

I've been following your blog for a while, and I adore your designs!
My sister and I write a little nail blog, it's not super awesome just yet but if you want to take a look here's the link: http://nailpartay.blogspot.com
I hope you feel better soon! I'm worry you're feeling so crappy lately :( Hugs!

Jackie S. said...

So sorry about all the DR.'s appts....try and stay sane :)

My favorite underwear is Color Club "Best Dressed List".

My blog is all about nails, come join the fun :):)


stephanie said...

I am sorry to hear about the tooth...I have had to have 4 teeth pulled over the years! It is def. not fun!

I think I emailed you my blog awhile ago because I mentioned you, but here it is again :)


ainos2 said...

I've been following you for some time...love your blog!

ainos2 said...

I've been following yours for a while too. I also suck at commenting.

ainos2 said...

I'm overdue in checking my mailbox! I go like every 2 weeks unless I'm expecting something. I'll go first thing on waking...thank you ange!!!

GabZ1985 said...

Wow, so sorry to hear about your health problems.. :/ High BP sucks big time. My Hun has something similar, and even if it's under control, he sometimes feels like crap a lot. I hope you feel better soon!! {hugs}

Oh! And to add to your reading material, my blog:
I'm just starting with nail art and stuff, so there isn't much to read yet, and it's not as super awesome as your designs, but you're welcome anytime! Hope you'll like it!

Newbie Nails said...

This looks so awesome! I love how its the perfect neutral for your skin. Maybe I should invest in a bottle.

I have a blog. It's currently in transition from one site to my new one, so I haven't been updating as frequently. It's www.newbienails.com

:] Feel better! Hope everything with your health works out.

ThRiSzHa said...

wow.. it looks so natural color... sometimes i want to wear these kind of color polish..LOL

Tempera said...

Love your "underwear" , sorry you have had such a sucky week. Hope it turns around for you soon and gets way better. Lol, kaleidoscope that's funny. I hate all those tests but look at bright side it is over with now and out of the way till next time. Lets pray that lump is minor. Get some rest when you can and if you can. Man I hate it when life throws us a curve ball. Hope you Feel better soon.

Gwen Wijman said...

hiya! I'm so sorry to hear about all the stuff you're going through! And bleeding for 17 hours that's crazy! I totally understand you feel like crap after that!
maybe you already know my blog but here it is: http://www.lacquercocktail.com/

Allyson Ingle said...

Wow, I'm sooo sorry for all of the medical stuff going on. :-( That's never fun.  I hope all of your tests come back good, and that the lump is something simple. *HUGS*

I love your "underwear" polish.  I might have to keep an eye out for it.  :-)

Allyson Ingle said...

Oh, yeah....I almost forgot....My blog is:

alisnailnews.blogspot.com  It's all about nails. :-)

Dolores said...

It must be really annoying to bleed for 17 hours, and not to mention the loss of blood. I hope you feel better now.

I've been a follower for quite some time and I must say that I really like your blog.
Here is a link to mine, if you want to check it out from time to time

Nail Galore said...

This colour reminds me so much of OPI's Samoan Sand. Wonder if its the exact same..
Oh wow! it sounded like u had a really terrible week! Wish i could help. If u need any medication advice at all feel free to email me.
I too have a blog on nails. If u r at all free; do visit me at www.nailgalore.my ;)  
Get well soon..

ainos2 said...

Awesome blog!!!

Amy said...

I love your blog!  Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.  Hope the BP gets under control!

My friend and I started a nail blog a few weeks ago.  Hope you enjoy it!


Sea of Polish said...

I've been following your blog for a long time and recently began my own: seaofpolish.blogspot.com

Love that Milani color, it looks great on your nails!

suzieduck said...

i hope you're feeling much much better today.
i do talk about my nails more than other things. suzieducks.blogspot.com

Iris said...

Hey you!

I'm not overreacting when saying your nailart is the best around the interwebs, I'm not kidding. Seriously, HOW do you do it and how do you come up with the designs, please keep up the good work!

If you want, you can follow my nonsense concerning nailart on my website www.pimpmynailz.com.

Take care!

Eli said...


aza said...


Hello, I love your blog, come on mine I'm sure you'll love: http://azatoth-nailart.over-blog.com/


hunny_aka_clarice said...

Follow my blog http://www.nailsbyhunny.blogspot.com/ I just started recently and I put a lot of effort into it. I'd hate to do it for nothing. Check it out.