Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ruby Kisses Yellow Bikini

Hi Kids!
Does a 2 coat, non-streaky yellow creme exist? Is it possible to find such a polish for under $2?  Yes, YES!!!
Since seeing is believing, I'm showing you what 1 coat of Ruby Kisses Neon in Yellow Bikini looks like. Before I do, though, I have to say that this is not a neon yellow, but a straight-up, well pigmented, Primary yellow, that dries to a gloss finish. The formula is thick-ish, but not too. It's also a bit sticky...perhaps stretchy would be a better adjective to use here.

Yellow Bikini has the potential to be a 1 coater on shorter nails than mine...if one takes advantage of the super loadable brush and work with the viscosity rather than fight it. What I mean...with brush loaded, set aside some polish by puddling it with the flat side of the brush dead center of the nail, to avoid flooding the cuticle area. Immediately create your gap and apply soft pressure to cover nail with polish. At this time you will notice that more polish is making it's way down the brush...don't stop- go back over the nail- do not let brush make contact with nail, but "stretch" that additional polish overstroking what you have already laid down. Dragging will not be a problem because this superb formula has a wonderfully long "open time" and does not "skim over" very quickly.

Yellow Bikini is the second polish from Ruby Kisses Neon I've worn, and I have to say, I'm truly impressed with this collection- right down to the gorgeous label on the bottle! You can see the orange mani here.

Now that you've listened me hype Yellow Bikini up, here are some quick pictures.
I have a few bubbles because, my bad, I shake my polish bottles. It's also repair day for me, so my cuticles are torn up *and* since this is about to get coat 2, no clean-up.
Remember...this is 1 coat Kids!


How's that for a $1.99 yellow polish?

Stay tuned...fauxnading to come with this one!!!!! YAY!!!!!


Morgan le Fay said...

That's awesome!!

Flavia said...

Verrrrry nice! <3

makeupgirl21 said...

That's amazing to have that nice of a finish.  One coat wonder! Love that lemony yellow.

Nail Galore said...

This looks gorgeous! 

AnotherBottleOfPolish said...

Wow - and one coat only - unheard of for a yellow. A very pretty yellow at that!

Kiu said...

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Amazing taste you have!
Loved the colors!
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