Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Revlon Glitter, Galaxy over H&M Goddess On Stage* edit

Hi Kids!
I have another drive-by post with my NOTD. Today, I am wearing 1 coat Revlon Galaxy over 3 coats H&M Goddess On Stage. I received Goddess On Stage in a swap with Tiana .
 I have a lot of glitters in my stash, and Galaxy seemed similar enough to China Glaze Techno that I thought I did not need it.  And being on a low buy, I passed on this Revlon glitter half a dozen times. Then one day, suffering from nail polish withdraw, I caved and got my fix with Galaxy and several other ds polishes. :)

I'm happy that I got Galaxy. It's made of large holo hex glitter and blue based fine holo dust. It's super sparkly and the fine blue holo dust looks much better over darks than the all silver holo in Techno.
Anyway, I'll be removing this mani tonight. I was in a hurry doing my fill and repairs yesterday, and did not notice how thick I left the nails on my picture (lefty) hand. I'm thinking about going a third shorter as well.

Edit....I'm not so sure all the fine glitter dust in Galaxy is holo. After taking a drive and looking at my mani from all angles, there is a definite blue haze over my nails. I don't like glitter that looks like freckles. Galaxy, however, has a nice mix of dark glitter dust making it perfect for for layering over dark colors. I really like this one a lot! Click on the second pic for a better view of the dark glitter dust.



ThRiSzHa said...

this galaxy is really cool.. love the mirco glitters on it that gives an extra finish on nails...

L said...

I love it. Looks amazing on you

Evil Angel said...

Oh sparklies! I love the hex glitter mixed in with it, very fun!

Reese said...

I have this on over OPI Ski Teal We Drop. (ironic! :P)

Its totally gorgeous. You should try it over other colors!