Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 NOTDs- Let's Groove and Photo Flash

Hey Kids!
Still super busy at the much that I had to don a dusty apron, pick-up pad and pen to wait tables on Monday. Although my sticker mani got ruined from the heating elements above plates of food, I actually enjoy getting back to my roots- waiting on tables. My time on the "floor" was short-lived, though...The owner, George,  got sick from taking one my pain killers for his blown out knee, and I had to get back to the door and register. Once George was out of the "picture", stress levels went down and the rest of the day ran smoothly.

Labor Day is the end of our busy weekday business, however, weekends are still slamming busy. We still have Fireman's weekend, Irish weekend, Biker's weekend and a couple of other themed weekends until summer is officially over at the restaurant.

I'm not happy about that...summer coming to an end. It's a perfect 86.2 degrees at my PC desk. There is a wonderful cross draft going on with my windows open, ceiling fan on and another fan in a far window pulling air through the house. It's depressing to think that I'll be turning my heat on in a short, few weeks. I will, however, have more time for nadding and nail art.

My current NOTD is China Glaze Let's Groove. I purchased my bottle last year at Sally's, from the clearance bin. This color is so right up my alley...a cool blurple base with a warm, red purple shimmer. I have 2 coats on...a thin first coat followed by a very thick second coat and 1 coat of Seche. I applied this right before getting ready for work yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that after all was done, I had relatively few dings. You *may* be seeing Let's Groove as the base for some nail art tomorrow...if all goes well with an idea I have.
Anyway, here it is, no clean-up. The Moonstone necklace I'm holding is my favorite. I've had it for 10 years and very rarely take it off.
Full sun (pics are clickable)

Indirect light really brings out the blurple base and red purple shimmer...

Mani from Monday- Milani Photo Flash (3 coats). I wasn't crazy about the color once I had it on, so I added a bazillion nail stickers.


Lolitadewdrop said...

WaaAah! Your nails look so amazing. I love their shape and your nail art is cute too.

Nail Galore said...

Wow! This looks amazing!

Eli said...

lovely mani!