Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No art yet...fell in love with Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

I have walked by this OPI color for months. It's been in my shopping basket several times, only to be put back on the shelf- (I must say that in order to prove to myself that I have a smidge of discipline in regards to spending money- I
always put a bottle back).
This is such an interesting blue. While I was uploading my pics, I did a search on it to read who blogged about it and what they had to say. Most said this was navy blue. My bottle and nails read differently.
Under low light it *does* look navy, however, put some light on it and a very dark turquoise shimmer appears...and there is purple around the edges.
My camera, of course, does not pick this up, but it's there, and is it ever gorgeous! I could wear this color all by itself- without art or layering of any kind, which is a rarity in my world.

Up until this very moment, I have been stumped on what I was going to do art-wise, so as to not cover or detract(is this a word?) from how pretty this blue really is.
If I don't mess this one up, I'll have pictures tomorrow.


AllYouDesire said...

Love it, I was also tempted a lot of times to get it, guess I will have to :)

gildedangel said...

I have been passing by this blue as well, I am not going to hold out much longer!

Lucy said...

This is a lovely blue on you. That's funny how you show your restraint!

Evil Angel said...

I have been talking myself out of this one as well! You are not helping me convince myself that I don't need it!