Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mani for my Halloween costume! Edit- 2 pics added

I love my costume idea for this year.
I'm going as a peacock!
There's a funny story behind my idea...Billy is the 21 year-old nephew of one of the owners of the restaurant I manage. He comes in to manage a day so I can have a day off. We also work together on Sundays. Both customers and employees think he's an idiot. I agree. He likes to say deragatory things about me to the waitstaff. I'm not sure if it's because of his youth, or jealousy or the fact that I am not family yet I have absolute power in the restaurant. What he doesn't know- they all tell me what he's saying. One of the most frequent things he says about me is that I..."strut around like a peacock".
So I'm thinking that it would be hilarious to actually come in as a strutting peacock!

I'm still not feeling well, (pink eye- second time in 2 months, low-grade fever, cough) so I may have to resort to plan B costume- Lady from India. (I have tons of Sarees).
Anyway, my mani will match either costume.
We haven't had sun for 2 days, and I had to use my crap camera, so none of the detail shows in this mani. I chose stamping colors that had a strong flash or duochromes. I was going after the irridescence of peacock feathers.
Base- Brucci, Black Emerald
Fauxnad plates- H7, H8, H22...the feather images
Stamping colors; Scherer Chameleon, Calypso and Blue Sky
Nina Ultra Pro, Emerald City and Molten Gold
Spa Ritual, It's Raining Men
Maybelline Express Finish, Go Go Green
China Glaze, Millennium
I hope the sun comes out soon, because this mani is really cool in sunlight!


Mighty Lambchop said...

This is stunning! I adore the Nina "Moltens" but I'm intrigued by the Scherer Chameleons. I have to try them.

Hope you feel better and you get to wear the peacock costume. That will be hot!!

ainos2 said...

Thank you!
I purchased my Chameleons at Rite Aid.

Mary said...

Love it! So pretty and very creative! I've looked at the Chameleons, but never purchased any. I may have to now :)

thriszha said...

wow!! as always ur nails are stunnng!!!

gildedangel said...

That is a stunning mani, I love it!

nihrida said...

You go girl! Strut that restaurant!:)))

I really like the story behind this. And it looks like you put a lot of effort in this mani. Well done! :)

Lucy said...

What a little shit! You just wear your costume and throw it in his face. Wearing a sari would also be beautiful. Love your manicure. Hope you feel much better sweetie! That really burns me up when people act like that. Guess he thinks since he's the bosses nephew he has some sort of power. He needs to grow up. Have fun whatever you do.

ainos2 said...

~Mary- Thank you! I just checked the Scherer website, and the Chameleons are exclusive to Rite Aid. The site shows 5 colors ("see detail" tab), but I think I remember seeing 6 to 8 polishes.

~thriszha- thank you, your compliments always mean alot to me, considering how outstanding your nails always look!

~gildedangel- Thank you! Although the sun never came out, I added a couple of pictures I took outside while at work today. One shows a portion of the color better, and the other shows more detail.

~nihrida- Thank you! With my last haul, I picked up the last item I wanted to include in your care package. I'm hoping to get to the post office tomorrow! YAY!

~Lucy-'re hilarious! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Definitely try to do the peacock costume! Then say "Thanks for the costume idea." and strut away! Michelle

paintedladyfingers said...

Showing up as a peacock to work after such commentary would be the perfect justice. The manicure is gorgeous! I hope you are feeling better and well enough to strut your stuff.

PowerLifterChick said...

What a butt!
PLEASE post a pic of the costume!
you should have some of the waiters go undercover and snap a pic of his face when u walk in in your costume!

That mani is beautiful!
I keep picking up and putting back those chameleon polishes, now i gotta go buy them!

Make up Valerie said...


I like à lot wen you mix And match stamping designs!!!.