Monday, October 5, 2009

Another haul

Top of box, left to right;
Orly- Blue Suede, Nina Ultra Pro- Molten Ruby, Spa Ritual- It's Raining Men
Bottom left to right; OPI- My Private Jet, Yoga-ta Get This Blue!, Piggy Polish- Pink-ing of You,
Piggy Polish- Mermaid, China Glaze- Coconut Kiss, China Glaze- Liquid Leather, China Glaze- Atlantis and China Glaze- Dreamsicle.
I can't recall ever seeing Piggy Polishes swatched, nor do I know anything about formula and performance. They weren't cheap...$7 each at Ulta. I had 2 additional PPs in my basket, but put them back because I just wasn't sure.
After doing a preliminary swatch (on a clear plastic sheet), I wish I had purchased the other colors as well. Both Mermaid (shimmery duochrome) and Pink-ing of You (Made of awesome glass? sparkley stuff) are very cool...especially the latter. My daughter, Amber, was wowed by Pink-ing of You.
Spa Ritual, It's Raining Men is very cool as well. Light blue base with pink and gold flashes...reminds me of a blue fire opal. I can't wait to use this one!


gildedangel said...

Nice haul!!! I can't wait to see the swatches!

Lucy said...

Pretty polishes all lined up in a row. Just lovely. I've never tried SpaRitual. They have some nice shades I want.

ainos2 said...

I only have a few SpaRituals, so they're pretty new to me.
I've been picking these up at my local Marshalls for $3.00.
Aside from Last Call, they're all sheers. While I don't wear sheers by themselves, I do so love to layer them over cremes.

Reviewing what I have, I'd say that the formulas are top-notch. Sheers have a tendency to be streaky- not so with SpaRitual sheers. They're also very shiney.