Friday, October 16, 2009

Nail polish/Nail Art randomness

I really enjoy reading the many blogs I have on my list/roll. I just wish I had more time to comment on them, and reply to comments in my blog. I have been asked some questions along the way- here, (and in rl-) and thought it would be better to answer all in one shot in a seperate post. I've also added a couple of things on my own. I really wish I could write well and come across friendly and warm...ah well...

#1. Up until 2 years ago, the *only* color I ever wore on my nails was black.
#2. The bulk of my nail polish collection is in the purple family.
#3. Followed by blues/teal
#4. Then pinks
#5. Reds are the smallest of my collection.(I bought 1, the rest are my daughter's)
#6. I do all my swatching on clear plastic sheets(usually scrap wrappers from something else I purchased, like stockings. If I run out, I use food wrap.)
#7. Nail Art fulfills my need to be creative.
#8. I draw inspiration from swatching and manipulating colors.
#9. I want my nail art to dazzle people into feeling happy- even if it's for a moment.
#10.I would like to formulate my own magnetic polish.


thriszha said...

oh.. ur blog post is worth reading for... love all ur blogs.. keep safe.. have a great weekend.. xoxo

Lucy said...

I love your blog and the writing. I also meant to tell you how much I like your new photo. Looking lovely in it.

ainos2 said...

Thank you Lucy! My husband took that picture of me last year.

necromannequin said...

wow i love your style! :D

nihrida said...

#1 and #2!!! That's me! Good luck on #10 - I tried that and failed miserably. :)) And yes, your nail art does make me happy.