Friday, October 23, 2009

swatch request- Piggy Polish, Mermaid

I'm afraid I'm not very good at swatching, but I did my best.
Pinky and ring finger- 4 coats Mermaid over bare acrylic nails.
Middle finger- 2 coats Mermaid over Orly, Green With Envy
Index finger- 2 coats Mermaid over Color Club, Oooooo La La (white semi-shimmer)
Thumb- 2 coats Mermaid over Color Club, Where's The Soiree?

Evident on first coat- very sheer, palest of pale Lilac base with mint metallic shimmer that flashes yellow.
With each additional coat, the lilac base is less evident to non-existent because of the strong shimmer and flash. Vnl after 4 coats at some angles. My camera, of course did not pick much of this up.  Pictures taken w/flash indoors.

I figured that while I was at swatching, I might as well try Mermaid over 3 different base-coats to see what effects would show up. While I personally wouldn't wear Mermaid by itself, or layered over white or green, I would most definately wear it layered it over black! (I think most sheers look stunning over black).
Vivid, glowing green metallic with yellow-gold flash describes the effect of Mermaid over black perfectly.


gildedangel said...

Great comparison!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It's so nice of you to do my request. I love the color, now if I can only find it! The only salon in my city (that I know of) that sells Piggy Polish, is no longer getting it! Damn.

mb said...

i love that color but the shape of the nails is hideoios!

Lucy said...

Pretty shades. I also think many things look great layered over black.

Anonymous said...

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