Monday, October 5, 2009

7 Choices tag!

Tagged with the color purple from both AllYouDesire and (Sasa) Nihrida.
I couldn't get all my items grouped together, so here's 7 pictures for you.

First up; This used to be an old potato and onion storage bin. Painted and decorated, it's now home to the steel boning I use to make corsets with.

Next; a beautiful embroidered sari from India

3rd; Gorgeous mineral blush from Aromaleigh Rock's Collection in Wildflower (a warm purple)

4th; A necklace I made. While it's not totally purple, the beads have an oil slick purple flash to them.

5th; A kitchen towel given to me by one of my waitresses. (She purchased it at Kohl's)

6th; My *favorite* pair of sunglasses! Check out the really cool ankhs on the sides. I have a second pair of these with cat-eye shaped lenses.

And last; A Halloween themed T-shirt I purchased from Target. It's the same warm purple color as my Aromaleigh blush. I think the color is off due to the Halogen lights in my bathroom.

Thanks girls! This was fun!


Lucy said...

That bin looks gorgeous! Did you decorate it yourself? I'd love to see pictures of the corsets you've made. Is it possible? I love purple.

nihrida said...

I fell in love with that storage bin! It looks so .... *speechless* :)

ainos2 said...

Yes, I re-worked and decorated the storage bin. I have this love-affair with India inspired decor. My corsets and other works (decorating my studio and such) are spread out over 3 places;