Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wildflowers, layered fauxnad

Hi Kids!
I said I'd be back...just *much* later than anticipated.
I get a lot of emails asking how I create my layered fauxnadicures. The only way I could do this would be with a video. And that takes time...seeings how I don't know a thing about working my Vcam ...and there is the uploading stuff. At present, what I can do is snap a pic or two as I go along the phases.

Speaking of...there is always a phase where I think the fauxnadicure will not work. I have taken a picture of such a phase with this particular mani that I'll post at the end. It's really ugly! I started it yesterday thinking that I could finish it before work- and I couldn't. I wore it unfinished and hated the look of it so much, I almost removed it this morning.
I stuck with it, and kept adding stamps, and you know what? I love how it turned out!

My camera picked up way too much detail in these pictures. Pull away from your monitor and view these at a distance.

The dots located at the bottom third of my nails were done with Color Club, Explosive. In order to balance out color, warmth and intensity, I "picked up" one of the colors in the flower decals. Working one nail at a time and at a distance, I applied each dot in the areas that needed them. They are *not* as sheer as pictures show.I'm mentioning this because in the pictures they look like scattered blobs.

This is what it looked like yesterday;

Base color- 2 coats U.S. Maxim, Shine Green
Konad plates- M21, M66, M8
Chez-delaney fauxnad- A07
Bundle Monster fauxnad- BM04, BM06
Stamping polishes- Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Speedy Sunburst, Snappy Sorbet, Presto Pink, Whirlwind White
Claire's, Kelly Green, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green & a green franken
Wet n Wild, Nocturnal
Dots- Color Club, Explosive
Flower decals
2 coats Seche


Tiana said...

Woooooow I love it! You captured the whole nature on your nails!!! Amazing! <3<3<3 Great pictures! :P

Liana said...

And again a perfect manicure!!! Thank you so much for sharing it!!! 

Jan Hues said...

this is really a WOW! :)

nihrida said...

WOW! *drops dead*

peripatetic33 said...

So pretty i feel like i could start picking the flowers.

Michelle said...

You're sooooo artsyfartsy, I love it. This is truly amazing and your nails look fantastic! :)

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Wow Lisa, you are the master of layered stamps. I think this might replace your banner as my favorite. It's so pretty. So spring. How do you do so much and keep it from looking "overdone"? This is gorgeous. 

iceomaticsnails (Liz) said...

I love this!  It's like your nails are little windows into a secret garden!

painted Lady fingers said...

All hail the Queen of Layering! I like both versions. The first has a pastoral vibe. The final version reminds me of the week at the beginning of summer when all of the flowers are lush and taking over the planet. Beautifully realized. 

Nikki said...

Love this. So very pretty! Great job!

Lucy said...

This is so beautiful. I love all the detail that you've used. Looks like a lovely Spring garden. I really admire all of the manicure that you do. Your so talented.

Emybloom said...

Wow just properly had a look through your pages - wow, just wow!

Saori said...

<span>I prefer the second faxnadicure but if I could do the first, I will be very happy lol</span>
<span>Wonderful, really !!</span>

NikiC said...

This is super pretty! I love your layers!

Gwen Wijman said...

I love how you do your nails! So full but yet so beautiful.

makeupgirl21 said...

Beautiful spring garden.  You have so much detail on your nails.  Looks like a beautiful painting.