Thursday, May 6, 2010

Neon mint- U.S. Maxim, Shine Green

Hi Kids!
I was all set for this mani to be Zoya, Charla, but after swatching one of my nails with U.S. Maxim, Shine Green, I changed my mind.
I Purchased this polish for $.99 at the U.S. Maxim Beauty Supply Store in Philadelphia several weeks ago. If I hadn't seen this at a popular nail salon on Tuesday in Delaware, it would have stayed in my Frankening drawer. I figured no one would be interested in a virtually unknown polish.

Anyway, I really love this polish! It's bright,pearly, crisp and fresh. Shine Green looks like how spearmint gum tastes...minty. Having swatched this on a fake nail when I brought it home, I already knew this polish was nicely pigmented. Two thin coats and it was opaque.

Excuse the faint sheet marks...this will be covered with some fauxnad stamping!

I had to decant this...look at the brush in the original

The haul this came from.


Ayuu said...

<span>This shade is really fresh as you say ! I like it :)  </span>
But I don't know what they were thinking about with the brush :s

Saori said...

<span>Did you say Green Neon ?? I don't understand why !  ha ha ha.</span>
<span>very neon ^^</span>

nihrida said...

Whoa. Now that's bright!

Duvessa said...

I like the colour, really fresh indeed :)

lilynail said...

<span>nice color :)  love it !!</span>

Kanji said...

I love that neon colour, is very full of life! I laughed so much when I saw the original brush and when I read your comment about it! "wtf?" XDDDDD