Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Layered fauxnad- BB Couture, Horned Devil

Hi Kids!
I'm in such a rush, and have so much to say!!!
I really should delay this post until I have enough time, but I figure you all are here mostly for the pictures and not my ramblings.
Before I move on to the pictures, I think it's important for all my Readers to know that I despise the color red on my nails. All of the red polishes I buy are for my daughter, Amber- who, by the way, loves red on her tips.
It's really surprising that I should want a red for myself...I don't lem reds, ever. When I fell in love with swatches of BB Couture, Horned Devil, I knew it was pretty darn special, and I had better order it.

I have no idea where to begin describing this color, except to say that it is beyond gorgeous! It reminds me of the old fashioned corn starch lollypops my grandfather sold in his General Store. They were in the shapes of animals, and although they looked like jello on sticks, they were rock hard and lasted forever.

I will be buying a back-up of Horned Devil...maybe even 2.

All pictures taken outside, sun and shade... All are click-able.

This mani was done to match my skirt...

First fauxnad layer

3 coats BBC Horned Devil
2 coats BBC Dragons Breath on tips
fauxnad plates- H29, stamped with Konad Special Polish, Wine Red
Plates BM02, BM14 & BM21 stamped ith Sally Hansen, Violet Sapphire Chrome
1 coat seche
1 coat Barielle extender


KONADomania said...

Gorgeous and a perfect match with your skirt!

Jen said...

I have this but it sure as hell doesn't look as good on me. What a mani. A veritable work of art. And I do mean that.

Ayuu said...

<span>Wow, everything is great - the base color, the stamping, it's a great nail art !</span>

EvilAngel said...

This is beautiful and red looks amazing on you!

Lolitadewdrop said...

W0W that is really pretty! I love the different colours together.

Arrianne said...

Love. I come here for your ramblings too! =)