Friday, May 7, 2010

Bundle Monster fauxnad plates- review

Hi Kids!
This is a review post. Later on I'll be posting my layered fauxnad over the U.S. Maxim, Shine Green I showed you yesterday.

On April 23rd I placed an order for THESE nail stamping plates/fauxnad from Bundle Monster, 21 nail art plates for 17.99+. I received them on Tuesday, 11 days after my order.
(I also placed and order with chez-delaney for an assortment of European fauxnad plates- to which I am *still* waiting to receive.)

Most of my nail stamping art is done with fauxnad plates. Last year, I did a  Konad vs fauxnad comparison post that I'd love to link to, but because I suck at tagging my posts, I have no idea where it's at.
I don't dislike Konad at's just that with fauxnad plates I get more variety, co-ordinating images on each plate & across multiple plates, mirror images, full images on European plates that are much larger, & I get more images per plate. The downside of fauxnad is inconsistency. Some images don't transfer well, some need a lot of stamp pressure, some need light. Sometimes I have to thin my stamping polish and sometimes only a jelly polish will work. There are some fauxnad images that I love but haven't found the right technique or polish for a good stamp.

I am more than happy with my Bundle Monster fauxnad plates (BM from here on). The images are cut with thicker lines and are a bit deeper and crisper than my European plates. This is a huge plus for layered stamping. Thicker lines = beefier images=perfect for images at the forefront of my designs!
I was pleasantly surprised to find that this set has lots of co-ordinating images across plates. For example, these ballz on sticks;
Tip image, 3 full nail images and 1 solo image. 5 matching images!

A variety of co-ordinating images allows for better mix and match options. If you piece together images for a full nail design, the variety on this set of plates allows for less repetition. I like that. And I love, love, love these plates!
Depending on how you look at it, the only other downside to this BM set is the full images. They are about the size of little girl nails...very petite. If you're like me, with long and wide nails, these will never work full nail- even if they were turned horizontal and double stamped...yes, they are that small!
The good thing I can find with these full nail images- they are scaled to size. What this means that the image itself is in good proportion to the area it occupies. These "full nail" images are perfect for use as french tips for long nails.

I would definitely recommend these plates! If you're thinking about trying your hand at nail stamping, these BM plates are a great first set. They are easy to use, have a good variety of workable images and they are much cheaper than Konad.
If you already own plate, this set of 21 image plates will make a fantastic addition to what you have.

**I paid for these 21 plates. This review  is my own opinion of my experience with Bundle Monster nail art plates. I have no affiliation with Bundle Monster. I have not been paid or compensated for my review.


Brooke said...

I just ordered these - thanks to your post!  I can't wait to get them!  You are going to be the death of my wallet girl :)

l0verlada said...

BM is now sitting in my bookmarks waiting for me to get paid lol!

Let us know how the others are, I need more image plates and this is a way better deal than konad. My wallet appreciate it!

EvilAngel said...

Thank you so much Lisa, I've been going back and forth on getting these!

licornemousse said...

thank you for this review. I just ordered the 21 plates, can't wait !

Skulda said...

Great review!  These plates are a good deal.  I wonder if my nails will fit the "little girl" images.  :D

Jessica said...

Thanks for the review! I ordered mine last week and I'm waiting as patiently as I can.

ange-marie said...

i neeeeed to get some of these!

Shanna L said...

I came across your blog after doing a google search for chez-delaney. That website seems to be down - do you by any chance know if it's permanently or temporarily?

I am glad though that I found your site - I've been looking for good fauxnad plates, and only knew of the ones on chez-delaneys site, so this made my night =D said...

I've been wondering what the BM hoopla was. Now I know.  I can't wait to see what you do with these. 

Rachel said...

Sweet fancy moses! These rule, I just ordered thank you!!

painted Lady fingers said...

I had just a little money in paypal account from a sale. You know where it went! I am so excited for these plates. The full nail designs might work well for me. I have small hands and narrow nail beds. I wonder if I can use these across the nail and do a funky French in the remaining space. We'll see! Thanks so much for the review! xoxo! 

KONADomania said...

Great review! Do they ship internationally too? Those plates look amazing, would love to get these :)   Do you have a contact email? Thanks a lot :-[

Lady Bug said...

this image plates look so good! I love them!

Kasy said...

Great review!!!!Just bought them!!!