Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Milani, Dot Com, and a 'nadding tip

Hi Kids!
I've been *really* busy...having 1 day off sucks- nothing I start gets finished. :'(

Anyway, I *do* have some content, although just a mani, no 'nadding yet. (I have an idea, so nail art over this mani will be my next post).

Milani, Dot Com- is a lot like Sally Hansen Arabian Night, except that it's a jelly and has a pinkish copper flash and gold flecks. I LOVE this gorgeous color! The formula was excellent- very easy to work with. Dot Com has knocked Arabian Night down a spot on my top 10 list!

Two coats for opacity!
Click for a larger view!

This is how I set up my tools for nail stamping.The little clips/clamps you see hold cotton balls. One is saturated with acetone, one is dry. I use these to wipe (and dry) my plates between stampings. Because my nails are long, grabbing a cotton ball drenched in acetone not only ruined my right hand mani, it also ate away the corners of my acrylics.
I get these clips for under $1 at Home Depot. Before using them, be sure to remove the rubber tips (with pliers), or else the acetone will melt it and ruin your plate!

Another helpful tool for stamping with long nails- finger covers. I wear one on my index and one on my middle finger. No more puddles of excess scraped polish marring your mani!

On a quest for more storage, I cut an old shelving unit (found in the trash) in half. I used the bottom portion (flipped up-side down) because it had a cabinet with doors. 

I like how everything fits on top of this cabinet... and it was free!


~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Fantastic tips! Beautiful color and I am loving your new nail shape. Gorgeous all around.  8-)

ainos2 said...

Thanks Elizabeth!

ange-marie said...

Ooooooooooooh this color is so gorgeous!  Time for me to make a milani haul I think

Ayuu said...

<span>Great color, it's very gorgeous on you :) </span> said...

What great tips for stamping...thank you very much for the ideas. :)

nihrida said...

This polish is just plain gorgeous. I totally agree with you and I haven't even seen it in real life. =)
That's one of the reasons why I love you so much - you're the most crafy and inventive person. XD Finger covers. LOL

Starlight said... is sure pretty. I am still waiting for my CVS to get it in stock. Thank you for the clip  and finger cover tips. I messed up my left hand more often than not, from wiping the konad plates.

ainos2 said...

Hi Dear!
You can also use clothes pins instead of the clips...they work just as well.

ainos2 said...

I'm hoping to get dot com mailed out to you tomorrow! :)

And thank you!

Heather said...

That color is gorgeous. This has me rethinking my decision to pass it by!
I loved the tips. I haven't been 'nadding for awhile because I kept screwing up my mani as well as being busy. I need to try these out because I really miss it!

Saori said...

<span>Hi just to tell you that there is a coton clamp especially for us, konader :) </span>
<span>When I had won the giveaway from "a polishproblem", in her package there was a coton clamp. I can't find it in France so I am a lucky coton clamp owner lol but in US, you certainly find it. I give you the link of my post for this clamp if that could help you, you have pictures, price in $ and link toward website in US to buy it :</span>

makeupgirl21 said...

That's brilliant! Plus it was free.  Love how your mind works.  You have great common sense.