Monday, May 3, 2010

Overall Beauty new nails!

Hi Kids!
I'm alive- but extremely busy. Between Health Department inspections and preparing for Mother's Day-the busiest, craziest day of the year for us at the restaurant - I don't know if I'm coming or going!
Time for comments on your Blogs and here, on mine, will be very limited this week.
Today, I have lots of errands to run, one of which, is the Post Office- to mail out all Giveaway packages. (I know- I suck! I wouldn't be surprised if I got polished and feathered).

I want to get everything out of the way so I have time to create a layered fauxnadicure this evening. New polishes are calling to me!
In addition to the Zoyas I received the other day,  [Charla on bo :(  ], I just opened the package of my first BB Coutures, from Overall Beauty...only minutes ago.
Zuma Wave Rider, Love Bug, Horned Devil & Dragon's Breath!!!

All the raves about Kim from Overall Beauty are true. In the almost 50 years I've been around, I can count on one hand- and have fingers leftover, of a Vendor giving me Personal Service. My order was not a large one...4 polishes is a dinky, almost insignificant amount...certainly not one to warrant attention. But that's what I got from Kim, and you know what? That kind of Service is a Luxury today. With time at a premium for everyone, she took the time to reply to a short note and exchange several emails.
And that, my Friends, is exceptional Customer Service.  
I will most definitely be plunking down more money for BB Coutures with Kim at Overall Beauty.
This is my honest opinion of my first experience/order with Overall Beauty,  I purchased all 4 bottles of BB Couture Polish.
My new set of nails!
I only have a couple of "spots" to file, and LOOK!- no unsightly cuticle wounds!!!!!

2 coats Diamond Cosmetics, Cotton Candy
1 coat OPI, Princesses Rule!
1 coat Seche

"Spots" are raindrops.
Next 2 photos- I would not have dared to show the thickness with my "old" set!

The profile in my new set is "true" to my natural nail. With my old set, I was trying to create a dramatic curve, much like that of my fellow Wicked Vixen, Andrea, from Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss.
My nails grow flat-ish, and as much as I want Andrea's shape, I am starting to accept the fact that my nails were looking grotesquely thick & unattractive- especially under the Macro setting.
Much better now...

Re-usable nail forms were utilized in lieu of tips for all 10 nails. Tips on my 2 thumbs.

I've just about run out of the liquid monomer I was using, specifically, Aspire brand from Sally's Beauty. I want to switch my system to a professional one. I'm leaning to Creative, but am open to anything that's VERY good. I understand that not too many girls out there are sporting/supporting acrylics, however, I really don't have a choice and am looking for recommendations for systems and E-tailers. I don't have a license, so I need a place that sells to the public. Anyone...please?


babbling brooke said...

Your nails look great and love the color!!

L said...

vERY NICE! I bought mine Creative stuff from Transdesign. The kit I got was the retention plus and it lasts a while.

Jen said...

Just to echo your praise of Kim at OB. She sent a lovely Easter email and BB Couture is a great women-operated business. I'm not supposed to be buying from overseas but I will make an exception for OB. Looking forward to seeing those BB babies.

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Your new nails are beautiful and so natural looking. I don't get curves on the nails either, I'm curvy elsewhere. LOL I think you're on to something going with the shape that is natural for you. Looks Great and the colors are pretty layered like that.

Skulda said...

Your fingers are healing up wonderfully!  Great work!  :D
Kim is such a wonderful woman.  I have never in my life met such an attentive and FRIENDLY customer service rep.  Kim doesn't feel like a business owner, she feels like a friend.

Lolitadewdrop said...

I love that colour on you.

Ayuu said...

<span>That color is lovely on you !</span>

Nikki said...

They look great! Very nice job!

Michelle Lee said...

Your new nails look so great!

thriszha said...

i much like ur nails now than before.. and i think u made ur nails much prettier than the other nail tech who made ur nails...

Saori said...

<span>Your nails like this seem more real, almost natural nails than before ! Very great ^^</span>

claire ruffin said...

Great !

claire ruffin said...

Great !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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