Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unveiling...my new nails- Zoya, Isla

Well, not actually new, new...but my old nails re-vamped and made different.
After 2 more nail breaks on Sunday,  I decided to cut my acrylics down, at the break point. My break point is where my natural nail (under the acrylics) ends. None of this would have happened if my nail tech ground away my natural nail. But, she refuses to drill under my nail, and now I have breakages. I refuse to go to the salon every couple of days until the last of my natural nails are cut down...that's 6 more nails!

So, until I can find a tech who does nails by hand and will drill down my natural nails, I will be sporting shorter nails. Having said that, since I added 2 new tips and gave myself a fill- a decent one at that- I may just buy a nail Dremel and forget about nail techs.

For Readers that are interested...I purchased The Aspire Acrylic System- student version (about $36). It came with an instruction DVD, tips, glue, primer, liquid bonder, 3 acrylic powders; clear, white & pink, brush, emery boards & nail forms.  I had no problems with anything in this kit, aside from the brush...it is garbage. I will be investing in a good one.
The nail forms came in handy. My left middle nail has been visually crooked for months, and I had an idea to use the form and build out the right side-wall to straighten it out. I am tickled pink that I was able to do this! All I had to do was gouge out some vertical lines in the acrylic at the sidewall...something for the new acrylic to grip on to.
I've never been formally trained in acrylic nails, and am extremely proud of myself for coming up with this solution and executing it as well as I did!

As you can see, I need to be less aggressive with my emery boards...cuticles and sides are a bloody mess.
Oh...the squared off nails were my daughter, Amber's idea. She says that I have nail image issues. She also said that my oval-ed nails make me old. I'm giving square a shot for this mani, maybe. The corners have triggered my picking instinct, and if I cannot get a grip on it by tomorrow, the shape will be modified.

2 coats Zoya Isla, no top coat-


EvilAngel said...

You did a great job in your repairs.
Normally I would agree with your daughter that squoval is more natural looking but....Big giant But here.....This you we are talking about! You are the Sexy Mohawk, corset wearing, hot 40 something babe with the Wicked nails! Tell your daughter that while it's sweet to want to impove Mom, you just can't mess with perfection or the Lisa trademark!
This color is beautiful!

Thess said...

Looks great!
I'm fan of the square nails. :)

A tip: usually your emery board is sharp on the edges, take two of them and file the edge down, with the other. (Make sense?)

Pia said...

Those square nails rock, especially with Isla. Looks like you have glowing charcoal briquets on your hand! Love it <3

pwrlftrchick said...

Girl!  you did a phenominal job!  Why, with skill like this, would you even concider going to a tech!  Your nails took AWESOME!

L said...

look amazing this way

KONADomania said...

Amazing colour! Goes right on my wish list<3 Looks great on your nails!

ange-marie said...

These look great! Even as a trained cosmetologist, acrylics give me a headache when I try to do them, so you really rocked those!  And omg that color! That is stunning.  Zoya puts out some great reds at Christmas time usually.  Love the whole look, and the square tips look pretty

ainos2 said...

Ah! This is what I was trying to tell Amber!!! While most don't *like* the shape of my old nails, at least when they came up in a Reader/dashboard- you *knew* whose nails they were!

Arrianne said...

I liked the ovals better on you. I do not like deathly square nails, but prefer squovals on me.

ainos2 said...

Thank you Thess! I wish I knew that tip before I started doing my nails! I'm going to file the sides pf all the boards I have now,

ainos2 said...

 Thank you Pia! I love your description of Isla! I don't normally do red- it's a bit too extreme for my skin tone. Since I was unveiling my new nails, I thought I'd go for it. Isla is such a pretty color- I love blackened colors!

ainos2 said...

Thanks Christy!
It took me 3 HOURS to do them! Granted, I was working with the dinky brush that was included with the kit- but *still*!

ainos2 said...

Thanks L!

ainos2 said...

Thank you Lady! Isla is a beut! I know some Bloggers have had problems with Zoyas drying, but I had none with this one.

ainos2 said...

Thank you Ange-Marie! I got this Zoya when they ran the Green Friday sale. Red is not my color, however, seeing it on all the Blogs in its blackened glory, I knew it would look ok on me.

ainos2 said...

As soon as I gain some length, I'll be back to ovals! I don't know *how* everyone works with square nails...the corners- they get in the way.
Since I've "over-stimulated" my cuticles with the emery board, my nails will go through a growth-spurt- Thank goodness!

gildedangel said...

That color is stunning!

Kate said...

<p>I think they look great - you really did a wonderful job with the acrylics. I can't believe you got a kit and just cranked those out, that's amazing!
</p><p>I do like the squared off shape and think it looks flattering BUT (and this is a huge but) I feel like they are not you! Someone else put it really well below - you totally rock the hell out of your longer, squoval nails. They go with your badass personality - like a wildcat's talons! Plus, you have to go with what you're most comfortable with!

Thess said...

If you need any help, by cam or email, just ask me!
I've been a tech for 20 years. ;)
And I'm old skool..

ainos2 said...

Oh WOW Thess!! I didn't know you're Tech!!! Your tip on filing the edges of my emery board sides has got me to thinking about cutting them shorter as well. I have dexterity issues with my right hand, and I think a shorter tool will help. So thank you!

Again, I am so sorry to hear about your Ma. I don't know, nor can I ever imagine how you feel.
~My relationship with my own mother has been mostly non-existant. For 9 years- although alive, she was "dead" to me and my children. She did not speak to me or them for 9 years because of some life decisions I made. About once a year, I would swallow my pride, phone her and try to mend our relationship. In 2009, just when I thought it was hopeless, a chance meeting in a store last September, changed everything. At present, we are trying to work through our differences. Your post has made me realize that I should work harder, so today- I am going to phone her "just because".

ainos2 said...

Thanks Kate! I *wish* I was able to "crank" them out...it took me 3 hours! It was fun though.

Ah, and you're so right in saying square is not me! Once I get some length back I will return to my much missed ovals!!!

ainos2 said...

I am so glad I decided to get this gorgeous, deep, rich blackened, glowing red! Aside from (the almost red) Orly Ruby Passion, it's the only red I can wear!

Michèle said...

Oh my you did an amazing job! Now you're not only fantastic with nail art but with acrylics also :-D I was suprised to read these where a DIY AND a first timer! 
As far as the shape goes: I love it! I think it's just a matter of taste though, I like yours either way :) . You should do whatever feels right! 

Romika said...

Well you did a great job!! I love your square nailshape. And your nails looks very pretty. About the color. Thats awesome. Great color.

ainos2 said...

Aaaw- thank you Michele!
If something is of interest to me and I want to do it, I usually do it well enough.

A few of years ago, the fan in my heater squirrel cage stopped working. Being a Sunday, I would have paid a small fortune for a repairman to come out and fix it.
Although I've never worked on a heater before, the thought of fixing it myself and saving money interested and excited me.
I took pictures while I was taking the old fan out for reference, bought a new fan and installed the thing myself.

I never let being virgin at something dictate what I can/can't do. "Want to" are the 2 most powerful words in my world! ;)

ainos2 said...

Thank you so much Romika!
I think your nails are lovely, and you make everything you put on them gorgeous.
Once I take Isla off my nails, I'm going to use your nail shape as inspiration for my own.

Thess said...

No problem! I like to help. :)
See if you can get your hands on an OPI leveler (that's how the name is of a shorter and thicker emery board)
Great for buffing!
And a good red sable brush from OPI, works like a charm!

About your mom, so sorry to hear that the relationship between you two is not so good, but sometimes things are as the are... You can work harder, but if the pain gets to big, you know in your heart what to do. Maybe then she will see for what you are, a loving daughter who will not be messed around with and just wants to be loved for who she is!

EvilAngel said...

I love your oval nails as much as I love you! :)

Claudia (aka cmp381) said...

Thanks for following my blog!!! 

I like the new shape of your nails... although I am particular to a squoval shape. I hope you keep this shape for a little bit. Great job on the fill in!

no matter how you shape your nails I will follow your blog, and add you to my blog list once I update in a couple of days =P

ainos2 said...

Thank you very much Miss!

nihrida said...

You did this?! Why am I not surprised? =) You're the most talented person I know and you did a great job! I love your new nail shape. I like squoval best and your shape is just perfect. Still (!) I loved your previous shape too. It was unique and different - no nail shape can make you old in my eyes.
Another thing I love about your nails is the curve. Without the curve this polish wouldn't look as sexy as it does on your pictures. *sigh* I want a curve like that too... My nails are just flat.

makeupgirl21 said...

Isla is such a gorgeous shade.  I hope I have this.  I don't feel like getting up to go check my book.  I'm glad I don't have to deal with all the problems your having with your acrylics.  I hope you get find someone to do what need done.

Anonymous said...

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