Monday, February 22, 2010

Help! I want to do a Giveaway! small personal haul at end

Hi Kids! I apologize for not coming through with the fauxnading I wanted to do over my Pink from Pacific UK mani. For those of you who have seen the Pacific UK polishes at Ross, grab them! I've had the pink on for 4 days now, and there is absolutely NO tipwear!

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting today is to show all of you something...the pile of nail polish I've been putting aside since I decided to do a Giveaway at 50 Followers- which never happened. My 100 Followers milestone also came and went with the same intention to do a Giveaway resulting in the same result. Now I am at 150 Followers, and I desperately want to do a Giveaway!

There are many reasons why I've been dragging my feet with doing one...
lack of time, the feeling that I'm not giving enough- (what I receive from authoring this Blog is priceless!), lack of organization on 2 levels...#1-the polishes I've acquired are a mishmosh of different brands, making it real difficult to group them into Giveaway "packages", #2-I lack the skills it takes to keep the "more chances to win" per Follower organized.
I find *talking* about a Giveaway daunting...try to imagine me actually doing it!

So, I need to keep this *really* simple, and need suggestions/guidance/direction on how to accomplish this without feeling like I'm at the bottom of a massive avalanche.

Since I'm here, I might as well show you what I hauled today. The colors in that pastel set on the bottom row are just yummy! I did a preliminary swatch of those on some plastic and was surprised that, aside from the yellow, they have a great formula and are super pigmented- 2 coaters. The colors are darker and not as chalky looking as Claire's new pastel set. Other than the pretty silver foil flower on the bottles, there are no other markings. On the box...manufactured by Tri-Coastal Design. Found this set and the 2 cubes of 9 polishes on the right (Elle LDL) at Ross. All the rest, I purchased at Ulta.

I'm going to use OPI Chop-Sticking To My Story, Hong Kong Collection 2010, for my next mani. I love the name and I knew instantly what I was going to stamp on it.


Stephanie said...

Wow, that's quite the haul...and quite the giveaway pile!  In my experience it doesn't really matter how much you give away.  Everyone loves it no matter what.  

April and Ashley said...

I'm happy to help if I can! You can email with questions.

That's an exciting bunch of polishes you have!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

Hey there, I had the same issue. I used a google form for mine and I am adding rows for multiple entries under each entry that did more...and visiting blogs to verify and see who else I should be following. :)

It's a tough one and I'm still thinking I should have done more, but I'm trailing right behind you and so I am glad to have another chance. So just do something simple.

We all like to have a chance, and you don't HAVE to offer extra entries. You could just say we have to do x,y & z to get one entry. It's YOUR giveaway, you get to make the rules. *YEAH!*

So, with your busy life, do what works for you, and we'l all be grateful! :-D

painted Lady fingers said...

You are welcome to e-mail me if you need help.  :) The first thing I would do is divide the giveaway material into seasonal colors and start there. It looks like you have enough for three bigger giveaways (spring, summer, fall). You could subdivide further and offer a first prize, a second and a third within each contest. That would keep your photos looking cleaner. 

Starlight said...

What a huge pile of goodies! And what a nice haul! I wouldn't know what to tell you as far as running the contest,since I won't be doing one 'til I have at least 50 followers. That will give me time to accumulate some goodies to give away. Good luck with your giveaway,Ainos!

Arrianne said...

Oooh, giveaway! I'm clueless to help you on this one.

thriszha said...

those are great hauls!! maybe u can have a giveaway and a nail art contest!!

Thess said...

Oeh, can't help you there... *DONT_KNOW*
But what Elizabeth says make sense to me!
Maybe to you too.

Looking forward to seeing your next creation!

l0verlada said...

As far as what to give away my plan is to do a "favorites" pack. That way it is both personal and can be a good mix- polishes people may have missed and all that!

nihrida said...

WOW! Now that's some serious giveaway stash. Do I see 3 Opulent Clouds, Claire's Magic...Dickweed! Wowza! =)
Love your haul - especially the Ulta ones. Haven't seen many before.

Susie said...

I don't have any tips on a giveaway as I haven't ever had one as of yet.
You call that a SMALL haul? LOL. How wonderful.

ange-marie said...

OMG your haul has me drooling.  Why oh WHY doesn't my little hick town have an Ulta!!!! I need those essence polishes!
As for the giveaway, I make everyone put all their info in ONE comment.  If they post more than one, then they get disqualified. (if they forget something, they can delete their comment, and put up a new one with all the info.) At the bottom of the comment, have them put how many entries they get, then all you have to do is go through the list.  I write out the names on paper and let my little boys draw them from a "hat" (a big plastic kitchen bowl). 
Hope that helps :)

EvilAngel said...

Lisa hun I'll email you how I figure out mine and if you need any help or immoral support just scream! 8-)

makeupgirl21 said...

Since I don't have a blog or a giveaway I can't help you.  Just don't over think it.  Make it simple.  You can decide how many gifts to give one person or make it three people.  I think it nice to have a variety of polishes and brands.  I like to try different brands and products.  Congrats on all of your Followers which is the most important.  Don't rush, just take your time.  I guess you have to find a bit of time to get everything together.  Good luck. 

Li Lian said...

How about this? to make it easy for you why don't you allow one entry per person.  when people put in the multiple entries via tweet, facebook, blog etc it gets difficult and it requires you to put in more time to check if they did it or not.  so how about everyone that wants to enter email you and that's it.

then you can use the random number generator and to choose the people.

sorting the items why don't you just make it so that 1st place a set of nail polish like that in the plastic container, then 2nd place an opi and 2 other brands, 3rd place an opi and another 2 brands etc.  so it's more fair and easy for you

bonjourdanielle said...

<p>hey! thats a great idea, just try not to overthink everything too much. its simple. its easier if you just do one entry via comenting and leaving an email, and to be a follower of your blog or something.  also about what to giveaway, you could do like a "favorite top five" or something along those lines, which could include the top five favorite products you love using, it could be nail polish, lotion, cutical oil, anything.  and also you could do like your favorite red, orange, yellow, green, blue and so on of any product. i think that would be a great idea. 
</p><p>anyways, good luck on your future giveaway! i'll be thrilled to enter it :D