Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nfu-Oh 64 Holo tips

Sorry about the sloppy application and equally sloppy photos. No time for clean-up. This mani is temporary. I'll be removing it tonight after work.
Yesterday, I visited yet another salon for my fill. It's actually a Day Spa and is located a block away from my house. Ironically, the girl assigned to my fill looked  un-kept and did not seem like an employee at a Day Spa.. I thought she could do with some of the Spa's services herself. So as I sat in the chair feeling skeptical, I figured that if she did not stink, I'll stay for the fill.

Angel turned out to be quite pleasant-and no, she didn't stink. Aside from some cuticle blending- she did my whole fill by hand with a curved emery board. In all the years of acrylics- no one has done that-I've always been dremeled. She listened and followed through with what I wanted, and did a fantastic job. The only thing I did not like was her paint job- but that's small potatoes and I'm not sweating it.

I brought in my own color OPI Pamplona Purple, and she applied 2 coats. As my usual I asked for no topcoat. I loved their IBD nail dryers, 8 minutes and I was out the door dry.
If my fill doesn't lift, I'll be going back to Angel.
Mani details;
3 coats OPI Pamplona Purple
1 coat CND Effects Crimson Sparkle
1 coat Seche
Stencil for masking
Nfu-Oh 64 for tips


EvilAngel said...

Beautiful colors and I love the design!

nihrida said...

The base color application is a bit sloppy, isn't it? =) All in all, I love that color: OPI Pamplona Purple. And I think it looks great with those holographic tips. I really must get me one of the Nfu Oh holos. I heard they're by far the best.
It's nice to hear that you might find yourself a new salon. And I also like the fact that you gave that girl a chance to show herself in a different light. I guess we can all make huge mistake if we only look at what a certain person looks like. You never know what's going on in that person's life...
OMG, I'm babbling again. Sorry. =) Have a great day, Lisa! :*

makeupgirl21 said...

I love the base color.  Not the best application for a professional.  More like what I do.  I still would give her a chance if you like what she's done for you.  Pretty manicure.  Love those Nfu-Oh's.  I have to buy some.